Mobile Personal Assistant for People in the Field

Organized back-office, sales & service focussed technicians and customers at their happiest.
Know everything about your customer with one click. SmartServ arms your mobile workers and office with the best set of recommendations for your customers to keep them happy and your bottom-line growing
Arm your team with the best set of tools built for the field to capture customer happiness, loyalty, and revenue. Make your mobile workers the most efficient, productive and profitable they’ve ever been
Communicate in real-time with crystal clarity. With user based-roles, your entire team can work through SmartServ as a perfectly functional unit. So cut down on those extra phone calls to the technicians
Why our customers love us
Have a complete transparency of your business using our dashboard and never worry about falling behind on any job. Set up recurring payments and cut down on the payment collection cycle.
From booking calls to completing back-office tasks, its never been this easy!
Use customer insights to make driving additional revenue incredibly easy. Arm your techs with the right information and the right sales tools to capitalize on previously missed revenue opportunities.
Create custom checklists, forms, service agreements, estimates and invoices from the field to experience the ultimate productivity!
Average revenue increase within the first 6 months of implementation
Cost savings through labor productivity and automation
Worth invoices transacted through the platform
Industries we work with
See how HVAC contractors use SmartServ to streamline operations and increase their bottom-line. Bill more jobs and let us do the heavy lifting of exporting bills over to your books
SmartServ enables plumbing companies to increase the number of service agreements, easily set up recurring payments and memberships for your customers and turn your techs into sales rockstars
SmartServ gives electrical contractors all the information they need, from detailed work orders to full specs sheets, our powerful mobile app has it all. See how you can increase your productivity today
Save time and make more money with a best-in-class handyman software. With SmartServ you put fewer efforts on paper heavy repetitive tasks and more on happy customers
Optimize your marina operations, and customer satisfaction gives you the control you need to effectively manage your service department, sales, parts inventory, and accounting.
It’s frustrating when your service software doesn’t do what you want it to. Could be that it’s old and clunky and complicated. Or maybe it’s brand new but disappointing. Time for a change.
Hear what they say about us
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Nicole Marinez
Mike's Plumbing

We started on the ground floor and have seen many changes. Thank you to the team for always listening and changing and adapting things to what works for our business. We appreciate you keeping us updated on the new things that you roll out.

Dave Banghart
Banghart Corporation
“SmartServ is simply the best. Feature for feature, cost, support – there’s nothing better! We have been able to track our growth projections and have a complete transparency in the business. We are 100% paperless now and without SmartServ, this wouldn’t have been possible”
The Service Team
MM Comfort Systems
Switching to SmartServ was like going from a flip phone to a smartphone. When you don’t have a smartphone you don’t really think you need one. Once you go to a smartphone you wonder how you ever lived without it.
The product is the most user-friendly that I have used. They listen to new ideas and concepts for product improvement. We have improved our efficiency every month and increased our service agreements by 4X. Excited for the future.”
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Jared Murphy
Smith Mechanical

Change can be hard. Overall it has been a great transition for us!

The biggest plus is the reduction of paper. I really like being able to view the schedule at a weeks glance for ease of scheduling other appointments. Having the technicians able to view history, equipment information and their schedules is very helpful.

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