How to Upsell Your HVAC Services

It’s pretty obvious that you would like to upsell or cross-sell your services and make the extra money. Upselling requires less effort and will give good results, all you need to know is how exactly to do it.

Let us look at what are the simple steps or changes that you need to make to upsell or cross-sell

First let’s have a look at some simple examples of how some e-commerce industry Amazon does it –

  1. “Frequently bought together” ( You might be deciding to buy a particular product but then you get to see some more related products put together and put under this tag)
  2. “Customers who viewed this item also viewed” 

At food chain Mcdonalds, they just ask a simple question

  1. “ Do you want a coke along with that ?”

The above examples are just to give you a basic level understanding of how other industries upsell, the fact is that they have been successful in using these simple strategies.

Timing and Body Language of the Technicians

The first important factor is to time your upsell, it can happen during the call from the customer, it can be done at the job location ( during the job ) or after the job is done, when your workforce/employee is having a conversation with the customer about the job.

 In the HVAC industry, the technicians will be the ones who will be always on the move and will be the ones who will be in direct contact with the customers. There are few things that are important not just for upselling but how people perceive your business

  1. The attire of the technician, are they dressed up neat and tidy.
  2. Communication skills – This includes both the body language and how your technician is communic with the customer. 

You need to make sure they are polite and kind to the customers.

Most importantly – Are your technicians good listeners? 

What I mean to say is that the technicians need to empathize with the customer and understand their present problems and this could actually be the point where you can build a healthy relationship with the customer. 

This is the point where the customer will be able to build the trust upon your business and when you genuinely put forward some additional issues, the customers will trust your word and get that done. 

The technicians know their job well, but upselling requires the persuasion skills and knowing the right way to do it, he must not sound too pushy or salesy to the customer. 

Knowing the right price
  1. For any additional services that you are trying to offer, know the right amount at which you can sell the services. It should fall in a range where you are not compromising much on the profit margins and at the same time not asking a lot from the customer. It should be a win-win situation for both the customers and your company.

  Also, keep in mind the mood of the customers, let me take an example

  You are dealing with a very angry customer who has been facing a terrible issue with his HVAC system and he is ranting on about the various problems he has faced in the past, I am sure that in such case it would not at all be the right time to upsell.

Well, that was just one example but there are many different scenarios with different customers where you can probably need to keep the thought of upselling aside. basically in those situations, you got to put the primary task on top and stick to that.

Upselling is nothing but how you can add extra value to the customer -

A person might have needed a filter change in the HVAC unit but you find out that there are some issues with the vent which require immediate servicing, so this is one of those scenarios where you first make the customer understand the problem and make him realize the problem they might face in the near future.

You need to make sure that you explain this in a manner where are you are portraying yourself as a true value provider and not sound like a salesperson who is trying his best to churn out money from the customer.

When you come across a customer who has been facing an issue which many other customers have faced in the past, try to take out examples of those customers and explain it to them in detail on about what exactly was the situation and how the additional services helped them out and how it could do the same to you. 

The examples of other customers will always work out because people can easily relate and will consider your advice.

Making Notes for Future Cases

There will be cases when the job is done and the technician observes some other issues and tries to grab an upselling opportunity and pitch it to the customer, the customer replies that he is not in a position to get that done right away, in such cases, you can make a note of the customer, the servicing that is needed and more details. 

But doing this frequently on paper becomes difficult, well that’s when HVAC software can come in handy which will not just help in making notes of all the details but can also help in taking images and cre reminders so that you don’t lose upon revenue-gener opportunities and stay on track. 

This is just one of the benefits, but there is a lot more to it – You can learn more about it by click on this link


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