Marketing Tips for Home Service Industries

Marketing tips for Home Service industries

Let’s start with the basic question “Why do you need marketing ?” and then move on to the important tips that you can apply in your business

The home service industries face a stiff competition because this domain is saturated with many competitors. So be it a local company oper in just one location or a bigger company which has it’s business running in many locations. Marketing is the way to ensure that you reach out to people, stay in the minds of people for the value that you provide and at the same time make people aware of any kind of service updates, discounts etc.

Marketing tips for home service industries

I will lay emphasis on 5 main tips which home service industries should focus on

Website Design

Consider website design as a person who is representing your company, in fact the website in some cases can be considered as a first point of contact who is talking to the visitor on to the website through images, text content and video content and now the visitor to the website creates an impression around this and I am sure you want your website to create the best impression and be better than the rest of the competitors. 

So let me get into details of website which you need to keep in mind while designing or when you want to convey it to the person who is designing it –


The content that you put on your website must be easy to understand, should convey your business offering in a clear manner, people should clearly be able to visualize that your solution is going to be the best for them.

It should be crisp, clear and straight to the point. Some websites run behind fancy words in order to make it look more appealing but in the process they are missing out the most important aspect of communication which is  “if people don’t understand or can’t relate to your content” there is no point of using those words.


 The theme of the website, the background colour, images-  they have to be aesthetically appealing. The theme has to be customer centric. Step into their shoes and think from their point of view or what you could do is run a market survey by asking your present customers. Their feedback will help you in making a better decision. The website shouldn’t be designed purely on your taste, it revolves around your customer. What I want to emphasize is take feedback from multiple people before coming to a conclusion.

Mobile friendly

The percentage of people who are using the mobile phones to surf the net has seen a surge 

and will continue to increase, so it has become important to ensure that your website is mobile friendly. There is one more reason as to why this is important, the google search engine has taken the mobile friendly nature of the website as one of the parameters into consideration for ranking websites on the search engine results.

Mobile – 51.74 %

Desktop – 45.61%

Tab – 2.65 %

You can check out how mobile friendly is your website – click on this link

Local SEO ( search engine optimization ) 

When you search out on google – ‘best pizza restaurant in some ABC location’ you get your results and you are probably going to check out the website on top. You trust the google top results right ?. Now the scenario is the same with your business. People will look out for the best or top home service provider in a location and you would love it if your company website comes on the top right? 

There are many factors that come into picture when we talk about local SEO – watch this video where the SEO king Neil PAtel explains in detail

Google ads or facebook ads

The customers of home service industries definitely make use of these platforms in their day to day life. If you are looking for quicker results and quality leads then the google ads is completely worth the investment. It has got the maximum reach, you can adjust the way you want run your ads according to your budget. You can track your ads – the performance of your ads.

Same goes with facebook ads, you can do targeted advertising and reach out to the right prospects with the help of location based targeting which helps in advertising if you are focusing on just a particular location .

SEO is the backbone of any website but it takes time and effort so if you are in a situation where you want the results to come out in lesser time then google/fb ads is the solution.

Google my business 

Business listing is nothing but the information and contact details of your business which is listed online. Search for local business is done on a daily basis by many of your customers. Your main focus is on how to get in front of these customers. You should make it easy for customers to locate your business. “Google my business” is the most important and reputed business listing available online where you should get registered right away if you have not done yet. It helps in improving your local SEO too.


Social media marketing

This can be a game changer for your business.

Keep in mind two important things

  1. Choosing the right channel ( social media platform )
  2. Quality content

Make the best use of the social media accounts, just have a clear idea of what you want to convey on these platforms and how you can build a connect with the existing customers and also increase your reach to more prospects.

For more on ” SEO Strategy for Home Service Businesses” click on this link

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