Success Story of Andgar Mechanical LLC

Success Story of Andgar Mechanical LLC

Andy Mellema and Gary Van Loo, owners of Andgar Corporation have been in business for 44 years, serving the needs of the community. They both are friends from high school and started their journey with a commercial job where they spent day, night and over the weekend to get that done. 

Andgar Corporation designs and builds heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and plumbing systems for commercial, industrial, and residential markets. It offers residential heating and cooling services, such as emergency, repair, plumbing, rebates and tax credits, maintenance plans, duct cleaning, duct sealing, thermostat manuals, zoning, ductwork, and order filters; and various products, including radiant systems, geothermal systems, furnaces, and coils-heating systems, heat pumps, air conditioners-air conditioning systems, controls and thermostats, indoor air quality products, ductless mini-split systems, fireplaces, water heaters, and unit heaters. 

The company also provides commercial and industrial subcontracting services, which include design installation and service of heating ventilating air conditioning and refrigeration systems, commercial plumbing, metal fabrication and structural steel, and architectural sheet metal. In addition, it offers specialty general contracting services, such as anaerobic digester systems project design, fabrication, construction, project management, and maintenance. Further, the company designs manufactures, and implements food processing equipment, such as conveyors, adjustable height and curved bottom belt conveyors, color sorters, food-grade conveyors, conveyor belts, and bulk handling and dependable conveyors; and blueberry processing equipment and line design products, including air cleaning and stick removal, foreign material removal, electronic color sorting, destemming, sizing, blueberry sanitation, dewatering, and line flow metering hopper equipment. Andgar Corporation was founded in 1935 and is based in Ferndale, Washington.
Today, Andgar provides family-wage jobs for nearly 150 people, all who carry on Andy and Gary’s values of honesty, reliability, and professionalism for their customers. They may be from a small town, but they look forward to bringing customers into their growing family of satisfied clients in NW Washington and across the globe.

Andgar’s Goal:

Their goal is to provide their customers with the highest quality products and superior services at a fair cost. They seek to reach this goal through the application of biblical principles in their daily business activities.

Keeping their core values, they have completed 44 years in the market and here are their happy customers :

Erin G.

“A+ service team! I called Andgar this morning because my heat pump had stopped working. Cindy answered the phone and was amazing – super courteous, knowledgeable, and seemed genuinely concerned about my family having heat for these chilly evenings. She asked lots of questions, then said she’d speak with a technician and get back in touch soon.

True to her word, I received a prompt phone call informing me that the technician, John, would drive out to my house this same afternoon and inspect the heat pump. I didn’t even need to meet him out there since I was at work. Awesome!
In the afternoon, I used my phone app to check the house thermostat and saw the temperature was climbing. So I knew the heat pump was working again. A few minutes later, John called to confirm everything was copacetic.

Thank you Andgar, I really appreciate the fast service and excellent follow-up. You guys did a super job today!”

Michael H.

“We have been using them for years to install and maintain our residential HVAC system.  They are, in my opinion, the very best at what they do. Wouldn’t even think of calling anyone else.”

Kevin G.

“Great experience with Fred the rep from Andgar.  The repair was not simple and yet it didn’t cost a fortune.  They were extremely reasonable and effective. Excellent service and they will be by go to company for any issues in the future.”

J H.

“Thank you Andgar for your clear communication, professionalism, and all-around solid work!  Over the past seven years you have continued to provide us with courteous and honest service during annual HVAC inspections and new installations… most currently the addition of a heat pump.  Your project quotes are spot on, your technicians are knowledgeable and they clearly know their craft. It is obvious that Andgar values customer service! Thanks again, job well done!”

How did SmartServ help them in their day to day activity?

SmartServ has played a vital role in our lives. In short, it has made our lives easy by providing a platform which helps us in accessing all the details in one go. 

We are using SmartServ and the best part is that we are not worried of losing any data unlike in the case where we used to use pen and paper. We used to send paper files to our technician which was itself a time consuming process. The technician would then need to fill out the details on a piece of paper which at times used to not even look professional. There is always a risk of losing that vital piece of information if we have a copy of it on paper. On the other hand, having a software solution store all the information you need would obviously be the best choice.

Below are a few major benefits to talk about:

  • The SmartServ mobile app allows us to have the power and resources that a dispatcher has at the office. We can access and update customer information, job notes, inventory, invoices, and estimates from wherever on the field which gets updated in real-time. 
  • With SmartServ, all updates and notifications come straight to my Ipad as soon as the dispatcher enters it into the system. 
  • SmartServ allows us easy access to all customer records, job history, job ticket details and inventory from the Ipad. 
  • With SmartServ, we can generate the invoice and get it signed on the spot. No week-long back and forth with the office or delays in transactions due to signature processing. Get it all done right there. 
  • SmartServ allows us to look up job histories for all customers
Has SmartServ helped in your revenue?

Yes, SmartServ has helped us in our revenue. We don’t have to go through of having hassles with a pen and paper for record-keeping, no need to travel to assign a job to the technician, no need to spend on couriers or posts and so on. Our revenue has increased up to 10 to 15% approximately. It has also lowered the time taken for a job to be completed hence improving efficiency, in turn, increasing revenue

Which is the feature you like the most?

We love the SmartServ platform but the best feature we love is the simplicity of using the software on the iPad as well as the web platform. Being a technician is not an easy job. Most of the time, you are on the field completely unaware of things that are going on in the office and the most difficult part is that when you receive a new assignment, someone from the office staff has to call you to let you know about it. 

The day we started using SmartServ, we are not dependent on the office to call us for any information. Every time we receive a job, it starts reflecting onto the tab with all the relevant details in real-time. 

In short, this application has reduced recurring transportation costs, Pen and Paper, courier charges, etc.

What was the average time you used to take to make an invoice earlier and what is the current scenario? 

It used to take much time to make a single invoice as we were dependent on technicians to provide details of the line items, but currently, it’s less than 5 mins of work for creating an invoice.

How much time were you spending on closing a job before SmartServ?

It was completely a manual task wherein we used to call the techs to get the status of each job. Once, they approve it we used to send invoices (Hard Copy) to the customer via post or courier and later had to follow up for the payment. Trust me, it wasn’t easy to finish a single job. We used to spend weeks to get everything done after the completion of a ticket. SmarServ saves our time a lot in terms of job completion, invoicing, customers’ details, Job history and many more. 

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