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How To Start Your Own Field Service Business 101: Calgary Heating Services

SmartServ is in conversation with Mohsin from Calgary Heating Services, Alberta.

How did you start your field service business? What was your motivation?

Mohsin’s brother started a part-time field service business in 2009 and another full-time job, which he left years later. He experimented with roles, but things didn’t seem to work out. That was when Mohsin proposed starting with their own field service business on a serious note instead of a part-time business. Right then, they started investing, and Calgary Heating Services took off!

What were the challenges you faced over the course?

One of the biggest challenges for the field service business is keeping steady throughout the year. The field service business is not stable as there are times when some weeks will be crazy busy, some calls might come in the middle of the night. And then there are days when nothing is happening. Therefore, finding work during the off-season is tough.

Another major challenge mentioned by Mohsin was managing the paperwork. The business operations are so extensive that keeping a manual record becomes tiresome.

SmartServ is the first software that Calgary Heating Services started using. Mohsin mentions the business experience to be above and beyond what they were doing before.

Was there a point where you felt like giving up on the business?

Managing a field service business is not a piece of cake. Mohsin mentions that the thoughts of quitting the business keep bouncing back. They usually appear when things are super slow and dull.

He mentions that they left the business in between because they were not earning enough. When they came back and decided to take this up seriously, they built an online presence. They felt that maintenance agreements would be the answer to having steady revenue during the off-season. However, due to heavy paper-dependency, they were not able to pull it off quite well

With SmartServ, keeping track and organizing the maintenance agreements became easy. Now, membership is a crucial part of their business.

When it comes to the topic of services, Mohsin mentions there is no hard and fast rule. In busy times there are jobs they don’t accept. But in slow seasons, they take up all jobs.

Do you feel managing a business today is any different than it was before?

As the business has transformed today, Mohsin emphasizes getting reviews from the customers. He says reviews on google, Facebook, etc. are their number one priority. Most of the customers search and read the reviews of companies before booking appointments.

The second thing on Mohsin’s list is investing in field service management software early. He feels that most businesses like them make the mistake of not going paperless from the start of their field service business.

Mohsin mentions that he looked up many field service software but was not sure. He currently feels that if they had made an early investment in software like SmartServ, they would have been a comparatively bigger business with so many memberships by now. Losing receipts and disorganization ate a lot of their time.

He believes field service management software makes things organized with a few clicks and allows to do so much more from anywhere – field or office. With field service management software, the owners can focus on priority tasks than being tied up with monotonous duties.

What is your vision on expansion for the company?

Calgary Heating Services is focussing on increasing the memberships for their field service business. Mohsin believes that maintenance agreements are the key to financial stability in the long-run. He also hopes to invest in more vans.

Any suggestions for the budding field service entrepreneurs of today?

Many people start their field service business, but more people fail than making it because of a lack of hard work. Mohsin added that less than 10% of businesses stay more than three years in the industry. He suggests that one must not give up during the ups and downs as they are a part of the journey. He emphasizes getting online reviews and investing in any sound field service management software.

The key is to stay at it and not have a lazy attitude. An online presence and investment in good field service management software for your customer database is crucial.

Mohsin, Calgary Heating Services

If you get a chance to meet your younger self, what one piece of advice would you give?

Mohsin states that they didn’t have a proper business plan. They took money from their private accounts and started dumping it into the business. 

If he has to go back, he will find a proper accountant and get advice on where funds are coming from, handling cash, and more. He says it is good to start with an accountant and then go from there. You don’t want to hit the road right away!

Further, he adds that the business foundation should be strong from the start, so if the time comes when you are too busy, you can avoid unnecessary headaches.

Mohsin believes that on the other side of it, no matter what you do, you’ll have your ups and downs, bad and good days, and eventually, busy days look like they will never stop, and then soon the same is the case with the slow days. One must keep going.

How do you keep up with the competition?

Mohsin says that they are not too concerned regarding competitors but the work ethic and quality of service. They leave the result for the customers to figure out themselves. And with quality service, the customers usually stay with the company.

When it comes to online competition, Mohsin does not carry the experience with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They are a small company, and they have a few people outside the firm who look after their website, including SEO. The current investment towards the same is close to $75 per month. However, he mentions that SEO is for big companies, which have a hefty marketing budget.

For Calgary Heating Services, google reviews have worked the best. He says that people will look for business in their areas and read reviews. With just a few years, he noticed the difference right away. 

 He repeats that everyone is reading reviews these days.

HomeStars reviews also made it easy for them, especially with the older generation. The only place Mohsin pushes his customers is in getting honest reviews for the service they provide. He mentions that he does promotions stating – we ask for honest opinions over the best reviewsand they gift a 10-dollar coffee card to the customers.

How do you deal with bad reviews?

Mohsin mentions that as their focus has always been on providing quality service to their customers, they haven’t had any such experience. However, one person did write a negative review for them who was not a customer but a competitor who runs an HVAC business in the same area. When Mohsin tried dealing with Google, they said that the same is not against their policies.

He intends that such instances take place during the course of field service business, but one must not lose focus on their goals and values.

SmartServ presents you with the blog series: How to start your own field service business 101. We aim to dedicate the series to budding or new business owners who wish to start their business from scratch. If you wish to ask any questions or want us to cover anything that would help you build your service business, let us know in the comment section!

SmartServ is an all-in-one cloud-based field service management software. We are expanding to providing affordable marketing services for small businesses. To book a free demo, reach us out at https://www.smartserv.io/demo-request/

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Top 4 KPIs To Track For Home Service Businesses

Businesses in the home service industry are experiencing unprecedented growth. Many individuals are working longer hours than ever and homeowners have less time to do necessary tasks. Verified Market Research reveals that continuous demand for these services will spark a year-over-year increase of 18.91% until 2026. While this rise is music to the ears of home service businesses, it also increases the pressure to provide an excellent service to remain competitive and avoid losing market share. 

Part of staying competitive is setting and monitoring key performance indicators (KPI) for home contractors. Monitoring KPIs enables service industry businesses to determine their personnel’s strengths and weaknesses. It also helps to create an atmosphere of learning while simultaneously increasing the customer base. Continue reading to find out key performance indicators for service industry workers that you need to monitor for increased employee efficiency.

What are the top KPIs for Home Service Businesses?

Average Job Completion Rate

Measuring the home contractor’s average completion rate can help you understand your employees’ time to finish the job. This makes it easier to determine the contractors’ efficiency and make the necessary adjustments to enhance their productivity levels. 

Tracking KPIs for home service business also allows you to properly allocate labor. You can also reduce employee turnover rates due to overworking. The service industry is fast-paced, and often, companies make the mistake of assigning numerous tasks to their contractors without considering their respective workloads. 

Doing so can increase the likelihood of healthy profits. However, it also sends a signal to your employees that you only care about revenues and not their well-being. Tracking this KPI empowers you to ensure employee satisfaction. Plus, you can bring about quick desired results by measuring the contractor’s overall performance.

Revenue Per Contractor

Revenue per contractor is another KPI for employee performance, which every home contractor business should measure. It tells you about contractor productivity and determines how efficiently you utilize employees. 

Knowing this enables businesses to put their employees in the position to succeed. Theoretically, you want to achieve the highest average of revenue per contractor because it automatically translates to greater productivity and more returns. 

You can use a field service management platform to track contractor revenues and provide clients with quick invoices. A comprehensive list of field service management software from FinancesOnline is an excellent start to look for the right solution for your operations and budget.

Errors Per Contractor

The best home service businesses hire high-caliber employees, but every contractor is bound to make a mistake now and then. Keeping track of errors per contractor allows you to evaluate employee performance. Plus, you can set up training sessions to improve weak areas in their arsenal. 

Thus, increasing overall job satisfaction, morale, and efficiencies in performing processes results in delivering quality work. Training employees also enables your contractors to be well-equipped with the skills necessary to avoid the risk of a complete job makeover. 

Reworking is what no service business wants to encounter since it can curtail productivity, increase unnecessary expenses, and limit revenue-generating opportunities. Monitoring errors ensures that those same mistakes won’t reduce future contractor productivity, thereby increasing the likelihood of quickly turning quality work. 

Customer Feedback Per Employee

Most home service businesses bank on positive customer feedback to acquire more clients and increase return on investments (ROI). Unlike other work fields, home service is relatively sensitive. Clients only tend to trust contractors with good recommendations from their peers. 

Keeping close tabs on customer feedback per employee enables you to pinpoint the contractors who are providing sub-par services. Hence, you can take corrective measures. Conduct surveys and encourage customers to leave a review right after your contractor turns the job in. 

You can use field service management software to avoid paperwork. It would make the review process painless and more streamlined for your clients. Either way, monitoring customer feedback per contractor is a vital KPI that can provide valuable information regarding your employees’ service quality and help you improve to get repeat customers for your home service business.

Winning Customer Trust through KPI Monitoring

Winning customer trust in the home service industry is a long journey that often starts with ensuring your contractors are equipped with their job tools. One of the tools that improve field operations, reduce common accounting errors in the field service business, and increase customer satisfaction is a field service management platform. 

An excellent example of this solution is SmartServ. It is a robust yet easy-to-use cloud-based field service software designed to help service contractors and home service businesses to create service agreements, custom checklists, and customer invoices. You can sign up for a free personalized demo to know more about the software.  

SmartServ is an all-in-one home service software. Schedule jobs in seconds, dispatch effectively, track team performance, shorten the payment cycle, enhance the customer experience, and much more. For a personalized demo, claim your free session today at https://www.smartserv.io/demo-request/

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Authority Heating & Cooling Customer Success Story

Authority Heating & Cooling is a one-stop premier HVAC Company. At Authority Heating & Cooling, Expert technicians are trained in all aspects. It includes service, installation, renovation, and replacement of commercial and residential HVAC applications.

The beginnings

Anthon has been in this line of work for 14 years. He started it on his own and over the years he has been able to build the company to around a strength of 24-25 members. It has been a remarkable journey for him and we will know more on what were the changes he brought in his business to work efficiently and grow his business.

Initially, when he started the business they were using just the QuickBooks software for accounting. As they expanded they started facing issues with the invoicing and also managing the sync up with the QuickBooks so they brought in ServiceTitan into their business ecosystem.

So now they started using the service titan field service management software to automate their business. But they felt that the pricing of the platform was taking a hit on them. And they wanted a software solution which would be much more affordable and also help in getting the invoicing done right at the house of the customer.


Now they came across the SmartServ platform – which offered all the premium features that the Servicetitan were offering. It was presented at much affordable pricing. It was more of an investment rather than an expense to them.
The best part about was on-field invoicing. They felt that the on-field invoicing was something that was working out really well for the technicians on the field. It made the work a lot easier as it gets synced with Quickbooks seamlessly and there is no need of double-entry anymore.

This helped in reducing manual hours that would be otherwise not required. Customer Support is another aspect that has been really great and has been working well for them. Every time they call, there is someone who will always answer the phone and help them

Authority heating is really happy with the 24/7 live support that they have been receiving. It is one of the key values that the SmartServ delivers to their customers. Another interesting feature that Authority heating has found useful is the maintenance sheets/
forms that they need for their business. They need to make a call and it gets done and emailed to them in no time.

So to summarise Authority heating has seen an improvement in 3 aspects

  • The ability to get the invoicing done by the technicians on the field has been a turnaround in their business operations.
  • The 24/7 customer service support is something that was missing at ServiceTitan and the support team has been great at SmartServ in helping out with any kind of queries or issues they face.
  • These factors have ultimately led to time-saving and as the saying goes “Time is money”. This is something that is valued the most by every business owner.

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Businessman drawing Cash Flow concept on blurred abstract background

Getting The Cashflow and Building a Pipeline During Covid19

Right now the situation is such that all the businesses have been facing the heat of COVID-19. Home service businesses too have been impacted quite gravely by the pandemic. Some of the services in this industry fall under the essential services so they are still running but the call volume has gone down quite a bit and the cancellation rate too has spiked a little in some zones.

In such situations, any Home service business need to focus on two major aspects 

  1. Following all the safety guidelines, rules and regulations set up by the government to protect the customers and your team members.
  2. Maintaining the business cash flow and trying to build a future pipeline rather than pulling back the business.

Time to make changes in the pricing structure.

Getting the cash flow is what keeps any kind of business going and also the team members motivated to put in more effort. 

Given the present scenario, cutting down on the pricing just enough to make a bare minimum profit seems right. For some businesses, it would even be good enough to set the pricing at an amount where you don’t make a profit and neither do you run into a loss.

The home service businesses which fall under non-essential and are incomplete lockdown can actually offer discounts to the customers who are booking in advance for any service calls.

Applying this would be the right thing to do as this would be a way how you can retain clients. If you are using a CRM ( customer relationship management ) platform it would make it all the more easier for you to get reports on your list of customers who make frequent service calls and that would be a great data insight as that would give a precise idea on who you need to reach out to. Smartserv is a great CRM platform which help you streamline your business operations and make scheduling, dispatching, creating invoices a lot easier. To know more click on this. It also provides multiple customized reports which will help you understand your customer well.

Follow up your past customers and also reach out to new prospects.

Make use of every social media platform where your customers are active and also run email campaigns to reach out to people so that you can get yourself completely booked for the coming weeks because if you are not doing it then your competitor out there might be grabbing this opportunity. Try to get your hands filled up with some service jobs ready to be done as soon as the lockdown is over.

Note – If your business falls under essential services and partial lockdown is in place, you can pitch in a discounted service offer to your existing customers, this is how you could get the cash flow and at the same time build a strong relationship as you are willing to provide services in the tough conditions. They will realize you want to serve the community even during the tough phase.

Start contacting customers with maintenance contracts

Most businesses are experiencing a decrease in repair/installation service calls and some are completely down. These businesses can check on their list of customers who fall under the maintenance contract list, so now is the time to make the phone calls and ask them if they would be needing the services and offer discounts to book more appointments.

Communicate more with the customers

As the concerns about the covid19 have increased, some businesses are still in shock and are not able to understand how to react and communicate with their customers

Create a plan or a strategy on how you want to position your business right now, it needs to be clear and you must keep the safety and health of the customers and team members at top priority while planning all this out.

  • Offer contactless appointments with virtual quotes and payments
  • It would be better to put their services on hold rather than cancel
  • Look for alternative services to offer, such as deliveries, or providing remote services via video call. SmartServ has come up with Smartview which will make remote services feasible.

1. Video Conferencing –  The customer will be able to join the video conferencing through a link sent by the dispatcher and will be able to show the equipment with their mobile phone camera. 

2. Notes – These notes will consist of all the media and can be shared with the technicians so that they have a proper idea about the product and the problem.

3. Screen Freezing – The customer/dispatcher will be able to freeze the screen.

4. Telestrations – After freezing the screen the user will be able to mark the particular part of the equipment which has the issue.

5.Screenshot – Customer can click the button for screenshot and the screenshot will automatically be downloaded

6. Video call logs – The whole video call with audio, notes, screenshots will be saved under a folder with the meeting name. Users can rename the title of the video call history anytime according to his/her reference.

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Ways to remove false reviews from Google and Yelp

Importance of Reviews:

Before talking about how to remove negative reviews about your business, you need to understand the importance of online reviews. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter which business vertical you belong to. As long as you have a business profile online you need to keep a check on it. The fact is 90% of customers read online reviews before contacting a business. According to a study, 84% of people take online reviews almost as equal to a friend’s suggestion. 

According to a study by Moz, even a decrease in 1 star (5-star system) can result in a significant decrease in the number of website visitors. I guess now you know the importance of having online reviews and the need to keep a check on them.

Effect of negative reviews:

Negative reviews can be like a parasite, you will get it unknowingly and it will continue to suck your business growth as long as you don’t get rid of it. Just like you do for any other diseases. I understand the hard work and sweat you have given to your business in order to build its reputation and it will be a complete disaster if one person decides to put negative reviews about your company all over the web. 

If you have been running your business for even 6 months and have an online presence then you must have got some really bad reviews. The thing is that it’s okay, you don’t need to panic because it’s not something that can not be worked upon.


Yelp was founded in 2004 by Jeremy Stoppelman and has become one of the most popular websites for listing small businesses. It gives you the capability to not only show your business but to also book appointments directly from Yelp.

Yelp has been a perfect place for the customers to get to know about the business and to see how other customers have rated their experience with the company. 

It can be really hard sometimes for a business to stay away from negative reviews. These reviews can be from a competitor trying to defame or it can be a disgruntled former employee who wants to make you look bad or it can be an unhappy customer who might have said more than required.

Identifying the bad reviews:

  1. If one of the reviews says that your company is the worst and recommends another company at the same time then definitely something is fishy there.
  2. If someone pretends to be your customer and writes a negative review, you can cross-check about him in your customer list and if you don’t find any connection then go ahead and report the review.
  3. New account: Make sure to check the account details once you receive a bad review and look if the account was just made to send bad reviews or is it a pre-existing account.


Once you have identified all the negative reviews, your next step will be in identifying the right approach in order to remove it. 

Yelp doesn’t really allow you to remove any kind of reviews from the platform but if you can present a document with proof then you might have some chance! The first step is to flag the fake review for the moderators of Yelp. The moderators will get back to you about the status and during this process, they might just ask you to provide some documents to back your claim.

Since Yelp is a bit hesitant in removing the reviews, your best option is to reply to that review quickly as Yelp allows the business owner to reply to all the comments. Let’s talk about the ideal case scenario when an unhappy customer posts about your service.

For example “Just got a new inverter installed at my home from Jacob electric after waiting for 2 days. I mean how hard can it be for them to install and connect wires?.”

In this scenario look for the details about the job and reply with empathy and professionalism. Focus on what went wrong and show your concern. Your customers need to know how much you care. 

A proper reply to the above review will be. “We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the amount of time it took for us to connect the inverter connection. We strive to give the best customer service and while working the technician encountered a leakage current in your internal wiring. We are extremely sorry for the amount of time we took and we hope to serve you soon.”

To summarize, the Yelp algorithm does not allow any random review to come to the top. They segregate them into different categories. So if someone randomly created an account to give your business a review. It will just be put into the “not recommended” section.

Google Local:

Google is the world’s number 1 website and having a bad review on it is something you don’t want right? In case you have a lot of reviews about your business then it’s okay to have some bad ones. But if you only have a few reviews then it will be best that you take some actions. So now the question is how to take care of any false review you received? 

It is the same as Yelp, it can be an ex-employee trying to sabotage the image of your business. It can be a competitor’s conspiracy or it can be a really unhappy customer. You need to be able to defend yourself on the largest platform of all. To identify if a comment is fake or not follow the same process as you did for Yelp.

When it comes to reviews Google has different policies as compared to Yelp. They try not to get involved at all but if the review falls under the categories like spam, fake content, and off-topic rants, threats, impersonation, and conflict of interest then they will surely consider it.

The procedure here is simple: 

Just sign in to Google My business, select reviews on the menu and click on the 3 dotted line on the right side of the false review to flag it. Since Google isn’t really involved in getting the false review down, what you can do is to contact the customer personally and request him to take the review down and probably solve whatever issue he had. If it is a fake one your best bet is to respond to the review in the same manner as we did for Yelp. That way you can come out as the one who really considers whatever review you get and try to work on it.

In conclusion, yes reviews do play a very important role in developing your business image in front of the entire world and hence have a direct connection to the number of jobs you will be getting but if you stay true to your service and do your best then you don’t have to worry about false reviews at all things will just fall into their perfect place.

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How To Get Repeat Customers For Your Home Service Business

We can broadly classify customers into 2 groups – one is the recurring or repeat customers and then the other group is the new customers. Now arises the question of why one needs to focus on getting repeat customers. In fact, the cost of retaining a customer is less than acquiring a new customer. Let me pull up some statistics which will give you a clear picture about the statement:

The probability or chances of selling your services to an existing customer is 60-70% whereas the probability of selling the services to a new customer is 5% – 20%.

It costs 5 times as much to get a new customer as compared to retaining an existing one.

There are 2 benefits of offering them rewards if they book in advance.

You can plan your schedule properly well in advance. It becomes a lot easier to manage your technicians and the schedule during the peak seasons when you would probably be receiving multiple calls throughout the day.

The second benefit is quite obvious – the customer would be happy to receive a discount and would keep that in mind and if the service that you are providing is up to the mark then probably he will keep calling in the future too and that’s one way of how you build a relationship with the customers and convert them into repeat customers.

When you have completed a job for a new customer. Do you follow them up? If yes then how often?

Let me take an example to make you understand why following up a customer after a job plays a great deal in customer retention.

Suppose a customer got his HVAC unit repaired from you recently and then the office manager makes a call asking them “How is it working? Is everything alright?“ that small call creates a big impact on how your customers view your business. It makes them realize that you take your job seriously and care for the customer. It need not necessarily be a call. A customized email would be good enough. It is also important to follow up with another email after a month and then do it again after 3 months. You can automize the email workflow according to your plan. This is how you do not just retain a customer but create an impression in their minds which later on translates into the word of mouth reviews.

This simple step can help you score repeat customers. The customer is most likely to recognize the technician when he gets to the job location and it becomes easier for the customer during the communication process, the technician can easily build a good rapport with the customer and in case the job is for the same issue, he will be able to resolve the issue quickly as he has worked on it before.

Homeowners prefer the same technician to visit again. It actually creates a trust bond which leads to more bookings.

Note – This might not be quite possible in the peak seasons as the service calls are quite high and it is more important to focus on booking the calls but do try your best to follow it when the call volume is not so high.

There are many advantages of having a CRM software and one of them is marketing. Good CRM software will help you in storing the customer information right from contact information to invoices, the nature of the job that was done at the location.

Marketing during dull periods becomes easier as you just need to run an email campaign to the list of customer email databases that you have.

Consider an HVAC company – You have access to the notes and documents made at job locations so you have an idea about when it would require maintenance, so accordingly, you can make calls to the customers during the dull seasons asking about the condition of the equipment and try to book appointments that way.

It becomes easier for the technicians and office managers to track down any customer information anytime.

This is something which you must have heard numerous times, but I would like you to answer this question to yourself – “ Are you really trying to put customer satisfaction on top ?” 

 “2 + 2 = 4“ this logic is going to remain the same even ages later and the same goes with customer experience. You need to believe in providing a great customer experience. It is all the simple things that you can offer to the customer:

Providing good repair/maintenance.
The technician is polite to the customer.
The way the technician is dressed up when he arrives at the location.
The follow-up calls on how the service was.

Try to understand the various parameters on what is causing them to leave your business services. As I mentioned, in the beginning, it requires more effort and money in bringing a new customer than keeping an existing customer.

Was the repair service poor which caused the problem to repeat?
Was the team member rude during the service?
Was it a pricing issue?

Just try to think of all the pointers which led to the customer leaving because it should not be repeating again with the other customers. This is also what helps in building a winning culture for the company.

Sending out feedback forms in the mails is an important thing that can help you out in understanding how the customer felt about the service and where exactly you need to improve.

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6 Tips for Growing Your Electrical Business

Do you feel like your business can be doing much better? According to IBIS World, there are about Two lakh ten thousand five hundred eleven (2,10,511) registered electrical businesses in the USA with a market size of 180 Billion dollars.

Looking at the current trend, the number of electrical businesses is just gonna keep on increasing.

The current truth is that there are a lot of electrical service provider companies who are able to manage their workflow efficiently. On the other hand, there are some companies who are not able to do so well. But the difference is not because of the quality of work, or the service charges. In fact, it’s because of the difference in their business plans.

For an electrical company, branding is the most important parameter, generating jobs is going to be an issue if people don’t know about you. It’s all about creating your presence in front of the customer.

Once you have that you need to be able to make them trust you by providing them the best service and following basic marketing tips and once you are able to make them trust you, then you will see exponential growth in your business, they themself will work as a marketing engine and refer you to their friends and family.

Following are 6 tips you need to follow to help you grow your business:

1. Business Plan

Running a successful electrical business requires a plan on how to reach and implement your vision. You need to be able to think through all the problems you are going to face and get through it all. If you don’t have a business plan then it’s high time you get one. It’s also important to constantly change your plans depending upon the circumstances. 

Like now, during this coronavirus epidemic, you need to take care of the safety of your technicians and get the job done as well. Now the question is how do you make a business plan? One of the best and simple ways of doing this is by creating a SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). This will help you position your business properly and move forward accordingly.

2. Branding

It plays a major role in creating your presence in front of the world. Have you seen a lot of companies having their own t-shirts and caps? Well, there’s a reason for that, it helps them get exposure whenever they go for a job. 

What about your website? Have you thought about it? If you don’t have a website then you need to make one right now, and if you have an old version of the website then get it modified.

Presence on social media and web platforms like BBB, yelp is a must. People need to know about your company, they will call someone whom they have seen and can trust. This will only develop if they can search about you on the web platform, and read customer reviews. You need to present yourself as a brand in order to be one. 

3. Relationship with Vendors

When it comes to commercial business, keeping a reputation with contractors, property dealers, architects & construction companies is very important. You need them to get information about any new project which might be coming up. And they need a person who they can trust and get the work done in quality time.

But what if you don’t know anyone of them? Then you will never get notified of the new projects that are coming up, no matter how much you are ready to bid, you might just end up losing the job. 

These relationships are not only important in maintaining your business but they also help you in your personal life. Having a friend who not only does business with you but also goes out with you. And looks out for you is something anyone would love, isn’t it? 

4. Marketing Strategy

This is where you can overtake your competitors. It’s not always about who does a better job will get more jobs, in fact, the one who is able to showcase what they do, gets the job. In order to start your marketing, first, you need to have a website, without it, you really can’t do anything.

Once you have a website you need to start with content marketing. Hire a guy or write it yourself. Choose topics your customers would read like “How to save electricity”.  

Get your SEO boosted up with the help of content. Search for what are the short and long keywords people would search on google and use of those keywords in your blog. Just like we did to reach you.

Make sure you are able to showcase the core values of your company with the help of social media. Keep posting regularly, be careful with the content which helps in creating a connect with your audience.

5. Use Technology

Almost everyday new software hits the market that enhances productivity and helps you generate more revenue. I know you feel like you are doing great without using any of these tools and software but that’s a very big misconception.

A perfect field management software will help you in making your workflow efficient. Cut extra work hours of manual data transfer, generate quick invoices, get fast payment transfer. Generate up-selling opportunities, generating work efficiency, and so on.

You just need to pick the right software for yourself, and you will see exponential growth in your revenue generation but a false one will only result in you losing your money. 

6. Fast Payments

One of the major problems faced by electrical companies is in managing their cash flow. This almost occurs with every electrical business owner during the month-end.

A good solution to this will be generating the invoice right after the job and getting it signed and paid right then. In the case of commercial contracts, try to get a milestone payment contract, so that you have a source of revenue even when the job is going on. Use field service management software to generate invoices quickly and efficiently.

Managing an electrical business is tough, you need to plan for a lot of things, and prepare your business for the worst conditions. But if you use these 6 simple tips then you will be able to plan for your business and keep it running in during worse circumstances. Planning is very important for your business, and modifying it according to the situation is even more important.

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Success Story of Farwest Climate Control

Farwest Climate Control – The HVAC service company

Farwest Climate Control specializes in the sales and service of residential HVAC systems, with an emphasis on delivering these services with honesty and integrity.

They have been serving in Central Washington for about 38 years now. They have been one of the only American Standard Customer Care Dealer in that area to have a customer satisfaction rate of 95%. 

American Standard is rated as the most reliable brand among 14 leading manufacturers by Consumer Guide magazine. Farwest Climate Control has been a dealer of American Standard Brand equipment since 2002. It was awarded the American Standard Customer Care Dealer status in 2006.

About Farwest Climate Control

Farwest Climate Control was founded in 1982 by Bob Melton. They offer flat rate pricing on service and specialize in quality installations for existing residential and mobile homes.

They install and service electric, natural gas, oil, and L.P. gas furnaces. Also water and air source heat pumps, boilers, air conditioners, unit heaters, space heaters, wall heaters, p-tac, and package units. They offer optional 10-year parts and labor extended warranty on all new equipment installed.

Story of Farwest

During the course of 38 years. Farwest Climate Control has grown rapidly with current member strength of 12 to 13 employees. Their demand increased over this broad span of time. But unlike other companies, instead of accepting more and more jobs daily. They restrict themself to a certain number so that they can deliver it with perfection. It is the key to attain 95% customer satisfaction.

To talk about their journey Farwest Climate Control was not using accounting software up until 2006. With the release of QuickBooks online in 2004, many of the HVAC companies started shifting from pen and paper way of accounting to digital versions.

Quickbooks Online had become really popular and Farwest also decided to move to the path of digitalization. They faced few problems initially while getting used to the accounting software but they adapted on their own which took time.

How SmartServ came into the picture

A similar scenario occurred after 2012 when field service management software came into the picture with the sole purpose of improving the process of generating and managing the work order and in 2015 Farwest Climate Control also started using a scheduling software but it did not work out as many of the times their technicians didn’t have access to their calls, there were problems with QuickBooks data sync and most importantly they were really hard to work with as they didn’t respond to there calls or emails.

This is when Farwest Climate Control dropped the software and was unsure about using any scheduling software until they got to know about SmartServ.

Important Features

One of the major features Farwest needed was the ability for their technicians to use the application in offline mode. So that they can have a proper record of the work they do. And can store all the data irrespective of the place they are working at. As sometimes they work underground, where they don’t have internet connectivity. 

Secondly, they really needed someone who can understand the process of shifting from a pen and paper-based technique to digital format and help them in the process of this transition. 

Smartserv provided Farwest Climate Control exactly the same. With the help of the customer success team, they were properly guided and trained about each and every feature. So that they knew how a certain feature is going to help them in developing their business.

Farwest Climate Control has cemented its legacy as one of the best service provider company in the area – Central Washington. Majorly on the basis of referrals and that is the reason why a perfect scheduling software was very significant for them.

Their ability to use the software for scheduling jobs help them manage their daily customer demand which help them provide better customer service.

Farwest Climate Control always asks for customer feedback after every job. It is essential for any business to improve and grow, in any field. These practices lead to the development of trust between the company and the customer. And hence help them provide better services. Their goal is to make sure every one of our customers is completely satisfied with their service.

Click the link to book a free personalized demo

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How Home Service Industries can Operate during Covid19

The corona pandemic has created a lot of fear in the minds of people, but the focus should be shifted from it and has to be more on how to progress the business in such times and provide people with the services which they need.

1)The gravity of the situation is quite understood but the following steps can be taken in the right manner only with the right mindset, the value of safety and hygiene needs to be understood.

Undoubtedly the first point which pops in the minds of business owners, technician, and customers is the safety issue. Let’s focus on what are the minimum requirements that need to be focused on –

Neat and Clean gloves – the gloves need to be sanitized after every job. After every visit to a location, it needs to be cleaned. Some businesses also can make use of disposable gloves.

The mask is a must, there is no doubt about it. If you are a home service business owner you need to ensure that every on-field worker is wearing it not just on the job, but throughout the travel to the location.

Hand wipes, sanitizer or alcohol-based hand wash to kill the germs, make sure every employee has it and knows how to use it.

Maintain 6 feet of distance with the customer, some of the installation and services don’t require the technicians to enter the home, the installation is done outside the home but if it requires the on-field worker to enter the home then the following 2 points need to be kept in mind

  1. Ask the customer if anyone in the house is ill, has any symptoms. ( this will be for the safety of the technicians )
  2. During the course of work inside the house, the worker needs to make sure that he does not touch too many things inside the house and ask the customer to keep the distance.

2) Many businesses have been shut down since the lockdown but some essential businesses still have not been put under lockdown as people require the services and the home service industry is one of them. Now many people are not aware of it, they don’t know if your business is running or has it been closed down for a brief period of time. 

Now you need to make people aware of it and this can be done by making use of every social media channel, your website, you can run ads too. If your company is quite big then you should make your marketing team focus on this aspect primarily. If you have a good number of repeat customers you can send out emails to them.

3) When the customers make a call for any kind of services, ensure that you are asking them about their health, try to ask questions on 

  1. The state of their health.
  2. Any recent travel history to other countries or even within the states.
  3. Anyone in the home having any kind of symptoms.

Ask them in a polite manner so that the customer realizes that you want to ensure the safety of everyone – the customer and the on-field workers.

4) Keep your on-field workers motivated because they are the vital cog in your business. They are the ones who are moving out in the field. They might have some kind of fear in their minds as they are out there in the field moving from one location to the other. 

So if any technician is going through too much anxiety and fear it would be better to give him leave rather than sending him forward for the job. 

Focus on providing them with all the sanitization requirements so that the tools and equipment are sanitized time to time.

5) Many small businesses might consider the option of cutting down the salaries of the employees ( back-office managers and on-field workers ) or laying off the workers. Let us address both the aspects 

  1. Cutting down the salary immediately is not the right step as that would set up a bad mindset for the workers, they would lose the trust in you and your business values.
  2. Laying off the employees is definitely not the solution to the problem until and unless the number of calls has drastically reduced and the revenue is plunging deep down.

            The reason why I am saying, it is not a primary solution is that summer is around the corner and there is going to be a surge in demand for the services. At that point of time, you would need your on-field workers to keep your business going. The best bet is to stay calm and wait for a few weeks until this passes and then the business operations will be back to normal.

Until then you can consider the option of giving unpaid leaves to some of them and make the staff understand the reason behind it which they would obviously understand in the present scenario and stand by your decision.

6) Focus on getting the emergency repair services done first and if there are businesses that are receiving a very small number of service calls then you can focus on maintenance contracts. In such a scenario you can reach out to customers who have maintenance contract with your business. This is one way how you could keep the business going if the service calls have seen a drastic impact.

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Devising a plan to ramp up the SEO strategy for your Home Service Business

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization is the varied process of deploying optimization and link-building tools to improve a website’s visibility in SERPs like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, etc. With this ease and accessibility of internet technologies growing so rapidly. Customers are globally shopping or researching for products and services online. When someone searches for anything online, search engines return thousands of listings. However, one SERP usually has about 10 results; and 80% of internet users click on the first three links they see on the page that is the top-most links available on the search engine. A very small portion of these users may go to the second or third page but that’s just a very rare number and is almost negligible. 

Affordable Marketing For Your Home Service Business

In the past 20 years, the internet has clearly altered the landscape of the advertising and marketing world. Thus leading to the traditional advertising methods such as posting ads in the Yellow pages used to be a great way to grow your brand recognition and client base, but now digital marketing offers you the potentially the greatest return on your investment. If your home service business is struggling to stand out against your local competitors, then a cost-effective digital marketing campaign can help improve you form a unique brand that attracts more attention to your business.

In this digital age, most people are finding local businesses for home services online from various search engines. At the top of this, over 60% of the users of search engines click on one of the first 3 results, and less than 25% of users go away from the first page of results. So, how do you capture more of the thousands of potential customers that search for home services like yours every month? Using marketing strategies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can move your website closer to the top of search results pages and potentially gain a massive boost in traffic, a higher rate of conversion, and more revenue generated from your home service website.  

If you’re a home service professional, you would probably rather spend time interacting with your clients or improving your business rather than on developing a marketing campaign. That’s why we’re here –  to help you achieve your goals in marketing at an affordable cost. 

Most of the home service websites that we have worked on in the past saw a >50% increase in organic traffic within 12 months of utilizing our affordable services.

Take Your Business to the Next Level: 

Web Crawling

What are web crawlers? Web crawlers go by many names, including spiders, robots, and bots, and these descriptive names sum up what they do — they crawl across the World Wide Web to index pages for search engines.

Search engines don’t just magically know what websites exist on the Internet like that. The programs have to crawl and index them before they can deliver the right pages for keywords and phrases, or the words people use to find a useful page. 

Yes! you read it right, keywords matter a lot. Your Keywords make it work! 

The Keywords are the phrases that occur on your website which helps Google determine the site’s relevance to someone’s search. For example, let’s say your company is an HVAC business in Seattle, WA. In this case, some of your main keywords should be:

Seattle HVAC Services 

Seattle technicians 

HVAC Services in Seattle, WA 

HVAC Installation in Seattle, WA

These keywords should be seen prominently in your website content (once or twice on every page of the website) and be often used in your H1 and H2 headings on the page. You might also want to experiment with less-traveled keywords, such as “Seattle HVAC Installer,” “HVAC Repairs in Seattle,” “Seattle HVAC installation,”. And also, to capitalize on searches where the person has a specific service in his mind.

Meta Tags

For your business website, it is very important that you know how meta tags can change how you’re being searched on the internet. In this article, I’ll walk you through the 8 most important meta tags that could help you increase your website performance: 

Title tag

Meta description

Canonical tag

Alternative text tag

Robots meta tag

Open graph meta tags and Twitter cards

Header tags

Responsive design meta tag

Business to Directories

Your website shouldn’t be the only place on the web where your business is visible. There are various business directories around the web that Google incorporates into determining a business’s authority in the marketplace. Yelp, Angie’s List, Google+, Local.com, Whitepages.com, Yellowpages.com and so forth- You should make sure that your business listings are correctly listed in these. It’s very important to position your business rightly in the field service market.

Content Strategy

Adding new content pages to a website can dramatically enhance its SEO health. Google tends to favor sites that are frequently updated and active. Adding content to your website can really enhance your business growth. Your website is the digital storefront for your business. SEO is the marketing strategy that can move your digital storefront to the busiest street in town. A great website is important to the success of a home service business. 

Additional Resources

Devise a strategy for your SEO

Know how you can get found online through these simple tactics: 

  1. GMB (Google My Business) Optimization
    1. Optimize GMB with Hours of operation
    2. Optimize GMB with Pictures 
  2. Local Link Building 
  3. NAP
  4. Reviews 

WE can help you devise an SEO strategy for your company’s website. Smartserv is a field management software that will help in automating the end to end business workflow, to increase your productivity, revenue and also provide you a plan for your business marketing. Want to know how?

Schedule a Demo now and we will get in touch 

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