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6 Tips for Growing Your Electrical Business

Do you feel like your business can be doing much better? According to IBIS World, there are about Two lakh ten thousand five hundred eleven (2,10,511) registered electrical businesses in the USA with a market size of 180 Billion dollars. Looking at the current trend, the number of electrical businesses is just gonna keep on increasing.

The current truth is that there are a lot of electrical service provider companies who are able to manage their workflow efficiently and generate quite a lot of revenue and on the other hand there are some companies who are not able to do so well, but the difference is not because of the quality of work, or the service charges. In fact, it’s because of the difference in their business plans.

For an electrical company, branding is the most important parameter, generating jobs is going to be an issue if people don’t know about you. It’s all about creating your presence in front of the customer. Once you have that you need to be able to make them trust you by providing them the best service and following basic marketing tips and once you are able to make them trust you, then you will see exponential growth in your business, they themself will work as a marketing engine and refer you to their friends and family. Following are 6 tips you need to follow to help you grow your business:

  • Business Plan: Running a successful electrical business requires a plan on how to reach and implement your vision. You need to be able to think through all the problems you are going to face and get through it all. If you don’t have a business plan then it’s high time you get one. It’s also important to constantly change your plans depending upon the circumstances. 

Like now, during this coronavirus epidemic, you need to take care of the safety of your technicians and get the job done as well. Now the question is how do you make a business plan? One of the best and simple ways of doing this is by creating a SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). This will help you position your business properly and move forward accordingly.

  • Branding – It plays a major role in creating your presence in front of the world. Have you seen a lot of companies having their own t-shirts and caps? Well, there’s a reason for that, it helps them get exposure whenever they go for a job.  What about your website? Have you thought about it? If you don’t have a website then you need to make one right now, and if you have an old version of the website then get it modified. 

Presence on social media and web platforms like BBB, yelp is a must. People need to know about your company, they will call someone whom they have seen and can trust and that will only develop if they can search about you on the web platform, and read customer reviews. You need to present yourself as a brand in order to be one. 

  • Relationship with vendors: When it comes to commercial business, keeping a reputation with contractors, property dealers, architects & construction companies is very important. You need them to get information about any new project which might be coming up, and they need a person who they can trust and get the work done in quality time. But what if you don’t know anyone of them? Then you will never get notified of the new projects that are coming up, no matter how much you are ready to bid, you might just end up losing the job. 

These relationships are not only important in maintaining your business but they also help you in your personal life. Having a friend who not only does business with you but also goes out with you and looks out for you is something anyone would love, isn’t it? 

  • Marketing: This is where you can overtake your competitors. It’s not always about who does a better job will get more jobs, in fact, the one who is able to showcase what they do, gets the job. In order to start your marketing, first, you need to have a website, without it, you really can’t do anything. Once you have a website you need to start with content marketing. Hire a guy or write it yourself. Choose topics your customers would read like “How to save electricity”.  

Get your SEO boosted up with the help of content. Search for what are the short and long keywords people would search on google and use of those keywords in your blog. Just like we did to reach you. Make sure you are able to showcase the core values of your company with the help of social media. Keep posting regularly, be careful with the content which helps in creating a connect with your audience.

  • Use Technology: Almost everyday new software hits the market that enhances productivity and helps you generate more revenue. I know you feel like you are doing great without using any of these tools and software but that’s a very big misconception. A perfect field management software will help you in smoothing your workflow, cut extra work hours of manual data transfer, generate quick invoices, get fast payment transfer, generate upsell opportunity, generating work efficiency and so on. 

You just need to pick the right software for yourself, and you will see exponential growth in your revenue generation but a false one will only result in you losing your money. 

  • Fast Payments: One of the major problems faced by electrical companies is in managing their cash flow. This almost occurs with every electrical business owner during the month-end. A good solution to this will be generating the invoice right after the job and getting it signed and paid right then. In the case of commercial contracts, try to get a milestone payment contract, so that you have a source of revenue even when the job is going on. Use field service management software to generate invoices quickly and efficiently.

Managing an electrical business is tough, you need to plan for a lot of things, and prepare your business for the worst conditions, but if you use these 6 simple tips then you will be able to plan for your business and keep it running in during worse circumstances. Planning is very important for your business, and modifying it according to the situation is even more important.

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How Home Service Industries can Operate during Covid19

The corona pandemic has created a lot of fear in the minds of people, but the focus should be shifted from it and has to be more on how to progress the business in such times and provide people with the services which they need.

1)The gravity of the situation is quite understood but the following steps can be taken in the right manner only with the right mindset, the value of safety and hygiene needs to be understood.

Undoubtedly the first point which pops in the minds of business owners, technician, and customers is the safety issue. Let’s focus on what are the minimum requirements that need to be focused on –

Neat and Clean gloves – the gloves need to be sanitized after every job. After every visit to a location, it needs to be cleaned. Some businesses also can make use of disposable gloves.

The mask is a must, there is no doubt about it. If you are a home service business owner you need to ensure that every on-field worker is wearing it not just on the job, but throughout the travel to the location.

Hand wipes, sanitizer or alcohol-based hand wash to kill the germs, make sure every employee has it and knows how to use it.

Maintain 6 feet of distance with the customer, some of the installation and services don’t require the technicians to enter the home, the installation is done outside the home but if it requires the on-field worker to enter the home then the following 2 points need to be kept in mind

  1. Ask the customer if anyone in the house is ill, has any symptoms. ( this will be for the safety of the technicians )
  2. During the course of work inside the house, the worker needs to make sure that he does not touch too many things inside the house and ask the customer to keep the distance.

2) Many businesses have been shut down since the lockdown but some essential businesses still have not been put under lockdown as people require the services and the home service industry is one of them. Now many people are not aware of it, they don’t know if your business is running or has it been closed down for a brief period of time. 

Now you need to make people aware of it and this can be done by making use of every social media channel, your website, you can run ads too. If your company is quite big then you should make your marketing team focus on this aspect primarily. If you have a good number of repeat customers you can send out emails to them.

3) When the customers make a call for any kind of services, ensure that you are asking them about their health, try to ask questions on 

  1. The state of their health.
  2. Any recent travel history to other countries or even within the states.
  3. Anyone in the home having any kind of symptoms.

Ask them in a polite manner so that the customer realizes that you want to ensure the safety of everyone – the customer and the on-field workers.

4) Keep your on-field workers motivated because they are the vital cog in your business. They are the ones who are moving out in the field. They might have some kind of fear in their minds as they are out there in the field moving from one location to the other. 

So if any technician is going through too much anxiety and fear it would be better to give him leave rather than sending him forward for the job. 

Focus on providing them with all the sanitization requirements so that the tools and equipment are sanitized time to time.

5) Many small businesses might consider the option of cutting down the salaries of the employees ( back-office managers and on-field workers ) or laying off the workers. Let us address both the aspects 

  1. Cutting down the salary immediately is not the right step as that would set up a bad mindset for the workers, they would lose the trust in you and your business values.
  2. Laying off the employees is definitely not the solution to the problem until and unless the number of calls has drastically reduced and the revenue is plunging deep down.

            The reason why I am saying, it is not a primary solution is that summer is around the corner and there is going to be a surge in demand for the services. At that point of time, you would need your on-field workers to keep your business going. The best bet is to stay calm and wait for a few weeks until this passes and then the business operations will be back to normal.

Until then you can consider the option of giving unpaid leaves to some of them and make the staff understand the reason behind it which they would obviously understand in the present scenario and stand by your decision.

6) Focus on getting the emergency repair services done first and if there are businesses that are receiving a very small number of service calls then you can focus on maintenance contracts. In such a scenario you can reach out to customers who have maintenance contract with your business. This is one way how you could keep the business going if the service calls have seen a drastic impact.

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6 KPI’s for Your Home Service Business

If you own a smaller business, it can get really difficult to know how to measure success and to make sure you’re primed to grow. However, there are true-and-tried KPIs that can help you monitor the trajectory of your company and also, correct the course as and when you face new challenges. Having a small business can be intimidating and in a competitive market such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, all you need to know is how to keep the finger on the pulse of your operations. By reducing in on several key metrics, you can assess where your company is succeeding, where it could be doing more, and what can be done to ensure your business thrives.

According to the New York Times, the home service businesses are booming right now and will register a compound growth rate of 49% in 2021. But what does it mean for you? It means that with the coming year the number of home service businesses is going to increase even more, which will result in more competition and hence will make it hard for you to get your presence known to the world.

But you don’t need to worry about it, as long as you use and identify the right Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to run your business. KPI’s are the best way for any Home Service business to identify the right path which will lead to proper planning for future growth. But the question here is How to identify the right KPIs for your Business? The answer to that is not simple in fact the KPI of two businesses in the same vertical might be very different from each other. KPI  largely varies from business to business, it is influenced by regional factors, industry trends, company practices, and some more parameters.

Understanding what is a KPI with example in this video

This does make your job a bit harder, but it’s not impossible at all, because all the answers you are looking for are right in front of you. You know your business the most, you know where do you earn profit from, you know where do you spend it and if anyone can make that perfect KPI for your business then that’s definitely you. 

Now to talk about how will you make that perfect KPI for your business is by first identifying the different types of expenditures. You need to be able to differentiate between what will be a quarterly/yearly expense and what will be a monthly expense. There will be quarterly expenditures like when you order stock for your inventory and there will be monthly expenditures like fuel cost for your truck so you need to be very clear about what to include in determining your KPI’s depending upon the time period.

Choosing the right KPI’s is the most important part here, you have to identify what are the factors that affect your business the most. In the case of Home Service Business you should focus on the net profit margin, sales figure, expenditures. Here is a broad description of all the factors that can help you in discovering the right path for determining the KPI’s of your business.

  • Sales Revenue: You need to have a very clear idea about how much you are able to earn from your primary sales strategies. Sales revenue is nothing but the amount of money that is coming in from the sale of your products and services. This will account for how much you are able to earn and then decide how much you will be spending on all of your expenses. It’s also imperative to look for trends in your sales revenue and monitor them regularly. Have you noticed any seasonal trends in your business?
  • Profit Margin: The most important factor for a business to succeed is by having a significant profit margin. Now to calculate the profit margin you need to take into account how much sales you are able to make removed by all the expenses your company is making as a whole. It is crucial for you to have a very clear picture of the profit your business is making so that you can plan for what’s coming and invest accordingly. During hard times you need to be able to make decisions, and you will only survive if you would have planned for it. This is the truth, by keeping the exact profit margin into account you will be able to make the right decisions for your company at the right time.
  • Financial Reporting: I think you know how it gets when it comes to reporting if you have been in the business for even a year. You know it gets really hard while managing all the reports. The mistake here is that a lot of companies do not plan, they just start. As a result, they go into the reactive phase rather than a proactive one. Identifying the right report to use is the key here, you need to choose what kind of reports should you actually be focusing on. Whatever you choose should have a direct impact on your business. When it comes to the home service business the most significant impact on the growth of any business is made by Service Charges, Scheduling and employee charges. So maybe try focusing on these!

  • Employee Salary:  You need to be able to determine how much you can really pay your employees depending upon the position and industry standards. The key reason is you need to decide when your company is ready to expand and when you need to cut some ties. This is how business works. If you know that your company is doing good and now it’s time for you to increase your reach then that’s great! But make sure you have thought about it clearly and have a proper plan for expanding.
  • Customer Retention: Even if you have started the business recently you will have existing customers and these customers are the ones who create value for your company and they will continue if they are provided with the right service. You just need to keep these guys close. If you are able to increase your Customer Retention Rate then you will never go out of business because they will do referral marketing for you. Just keep in touch with them. Show them your care. One of the best ways to increase your customer retention rate is by asking them for feedback, this will help you build trust and improve your service.
  • ROI Analysis: DeterminingReturn on Investment is going to be really important for you in deciding your KPI’s. This is something which will help you in making decisions like where to invest & when to do it. Is it working out or not? If not then what should I do? Whenever you run a marketing campaign you need to do these ROI analyses in regular intervals to choose the right path for you and not just marketing campaigns. It helps you in making decisions about when to invest and expand your business.

To summarize it all-determining KPI for your home service business is very important, you can’t run your business without them, selecting the right KPI is what will keep your business going and to do that you need to look for all the factors that affect your business directly, prioritize them and use them to create a successful business.

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Technician inspecting heating system in boiler room

Bulletproof Team Structure For Winning Teams In The HVAC Industry

Just like how being proactive with all of the home services, finding the perfect HVAC company can save you money long term. Do your homework before you choose a technician or manager to work in your organization. 

The HVAC technicians are in a high demand to install, build, & maintain our constantly evolving systems. Experts have predicted that the demand for HVAC technicians will only rise through 2026. The Bureau of Labor Statistics especially predicted a growth of 21% in the field between 2012 and 2022, which will be increased in the coming time. 

Why is it that the HVAC technicians are so sought-after? 

The HVAC industry continues to speed along, never stagnating in its quest for smarter and advanced ways to operate and the answer lies in this- These days HVAC systems are much cheaper, more efficient, and more environment-friendly than ever before. At present, a lot of HVAC systems are connected to the IoT(Internet of Things), with computers that are handling tasks for automatic temperature control and air quality.

Although people in many other professions are sweating over the fear that they could be replaced by robots and automated processes, it seems that HVAC technicians don’t have much to be bothered about. Here are a few reasons as to why HVAC technicians are still – will continue to be – in high demand.

1. Nowadays Smart Systems Require Trained Specialists

As new HVAC technologies are becoming more and more sophisticated, the technicians have become much more valuable for their experience and specific training. Today’s complex HVAC systems and their components require technically sound technicians who can easily adapt to the changing landscape of the industry.

This is mainly because HVAC systems are increasingly integrated into the digital landscape through the IoT. Smart HVAC systems use technologies like sensors and timers to automate the temperature control for our homes and other commercial sites; setting them up and keeping them working properly longs the work of software specialists and tech-savvy technicians.

Smart and sophisticated systems are already popular and are expected to become common — experts predict that the smart home market will be valued at $80 billion by the year 2022. The ability to control indoor climate floor-by-floor (and even room-by-room) and the flexibility offered by modern systems appeal to modern businesses as well as homeowners. They can maximize the money spent on temperature control while minimizing their energy use and environmental footprint.

These days HVAC technicians need more than the tools in their literal toolbelt to deal with installation and maintenance — they need an education and understanding of the electronics and networks associated with modern systems.

2. Any New Tech Requires On-Site Installation

At the simplest level, the many developments in technology in the HVAC field mean new systems are continually replacing the outdated ones. Some of the developments in this industry are led by changing regulations; from banning freon to introducing incentives to homeowners for environmental up-gradation, necessity and advancements in scientific knowledge often drive the innovation in the HVAC business industry. 

Every time there’s an advancement in HVAC technology, someone needs to build the new system, and someone needs to help homeowners and businesses make the switch from their old systems — this requires the skill of an HVAC technician. Even the handiest person will need the help of an HVAC professional when installing a new system.

All HVAC systems (new and old) also require skilled workers to maintain them. With 95 percent of houses built since 2000 containing HVAC technology, there are plenty of systems to keep technicians busy with maintenance, repairs, and more.

The HVAC industry has been innovating independently for nearly a century and a half now, with no signs of slowing down. There will be better systems to come that will replace even the most efficient designs today; and when they do, you’ll call in an HVAC technician to make the switch.

 3.  Grads Like Green

It’s clear there will be jobs in the HVAC industry for years — if not decades — to come. While this is great news for those looking for stable, lucrative careers, it’s good news for HVAC employers, too. As a leader in green energy, the HVAC industry is primed to attract new graduates.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, jobs that support energy-efficient developments are on the rise. The regulatory environment and rapidly growing popular demand for energy-efficient products make it one of the fastest-growing fields. New graduates want to be involved in green work, and the HVAC industry’s energy-efficient projects draw young talent.

The HVAC industry not only has an environmental draw but also appeals to young professionals drawn to high-tech jobs, as HVAC systems are becoming more technologically advanced. There is ample room for innovation in this space, creating a dynamic work environment that is both stimulating and rewarding — which, along with social impact and sustainability, is precisely what new grads are looking for in a job.

4. Is it still a cool thing? 

At the end of the day, Americans really like to be cool. There is a demand for comfortable workplaces and homes which aren’t going to disappear any time soon — ensuring a steady stream of opportunities for those who build, install, and maintain HVAC systems for the foreseeable future.

While digital advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) may help HVAC technicians do their jobs more efficiently, but it’s unlikely to replace the need for a human technician entirely. HVAC technicians’ ability to assess the unique situations presented by each system — and determine the proper course of action — suggests they will continue to be in high demand.

HVAC Technicians Must Continue Learning

The best HVAC technicians are those who have changed with the times; bringing a solid understanding of HVAC mechanics to the table, while also pursuing training opportunities to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

While current HVAC technicians aren’t in danger of being replaced by robots, they may be outpaced by more tech-savvy peers if they don’t pursue continued education. Above all, HVAC technicians must be flexible and willing to learn in order to keep up with the fast-paced industry. Those who can adapt to changing technology and hold an understanding of the physical hardware that makes these systems work are destined to succeed as the field continues to grow over the next decade.

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How To Sell Recurring Service Agreements

The maintenance agreements have actually become an integral part of the business workflow of home service industries, we have 3 main categories of people who will be benefitting from it. 

  1. The company
  2. The employees
  3. The customers

So before getting on to how recurring service agreements can be sold out to your customers,

Let us have a brief understanding of “what are recurring service agreements ?”, “How it is useful for the company” 

What are recurring service agreements?

Recurring Services Agreement means an agreement with a New Customer for the provision of services on a continuing basis. It can be monthly or yearly basis, which typically varies from business to business.

How it benefits the company 
  1. Service agreements are the means to keep the business up and running during the periods when the demand/requirement for services is quite low. It helps bring in the money during the seasonal lulls. The service agreements are mostly prepaid and it is a contract made on a monthly or yearly basis.
  2. It helps in building on the trust of the customer on our service. It helps in building customer relationships The maintenance agreements are generally sold at a discounted price, so if a customer would have called for a service that does not fall under a service agreement it would have cost him more. One more point which is worth keeping in mind is that the preventative work is done consistently on a regular basis, so customers can actually avoid a sudden emergency expense and with the HVAC, electrical and plumbing unit running efficiently, it will help them cut down on utility expenses too.
  3. The service agreements also help in retaining the employees. The employees who do not have work during the seasonal lulls have the tendency to jump from one company to another. Service agreements are the means which provide a sense of stability as they are tied up to some kind of work even during the seasonal lulls. It creates a win-win situation for both the company and the employees.
How to sell out recurring service agreements

I.  You need to understand the timing of when to pitch to your customers about the service agreements, basically understanding the customer mindset is the key to it. The customer should not feel that you are just trying to draw money out of his pocket. The right time to pitch the service agreement would be when the customer is getting installation or service done as that would be the point when he would be actually understanding the importance of proper maintenance. Every customer is different, their requirements are different so telling them the benefits in a way that you create a sense of need or create a scenario of what future problems might arise will help close the deal. It’s basically a sales pitch so training your technicians on how to talk to them is going to be critical. They are the ones who will be on the field in direct contact with the customers.

Now How to pitch it is quite important, you must not bug down the customer with all the technical details. Putting forward the important details and explaining “what is in it for the customer” is the right way.

Stressing on both monetary and maintenance benefits. For example -Offering discounts which will basically depend on the extent up to which you can play on profit margins, based on which you can make the decision on what would be the optimum discount percentage you can offer and when you do this, mention the amount which they will be saving. This will increase the chances of swaying the customers into your direction.

To sell out recurring service agreements, it is important to track down all the customers who fall in the list of service agreement customers and nurture them using emails/message or build a connection with them on social media accounts throughout the year and not suddenly start contacting them just at the point when the agreement is going to terminate. The customers are pretty intelligent and with a plethora of good options available in front of them, it won’t take them much time to discontinue the agreement in case of people who are in-contract paying on monthly basis. In order to make them loyal to your brand or company, you got to earn their trust. The service agreement should be a way to show the customer that you are the best company offering the best services and this is how you take one step forward towards a long-lasting relationship with the customer. It will happen only through regular touchpoints not just on the field but even online, which can be done by providing valuable information about general utilities (HVAC, electrical, or plumbing ). For example – What are the simple things that the customers can do to keep the units working efficiently.

Let’s have a quick look at the increase in service agreements that Andgar Mechanical LLC made after they started using Smartserv software

Andgar corporation is into different businesses and one of them is HVAC and plumbing, It started out in 1973. It is one of the top-rated HVAC company in Northwest Washington.

Smartserv is a field enablement software which will help in keeping the schedule organized, the invoice synced with Quickbooks and it has many more useful features which eventually helped Andgar manage their business workflow in a better manner.

Andgar started using the Smartserv CRM platform from mid of 2015 and they have made significant progress over the years, especially in terms of service agreements. There has been a 6X increase in service agreements.

To know more about the software – click this

To Book A Demo – Click this

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Quickbooks Online vs Quickbooks Desktop: Which One Is Better

Quickbooks online vs Quickbooks desktop: which one is better?

When the question of “which one is better?” arises, the answer is not quite simple. It completely depends on the type of business that you are running, the budget, the features that you require. So we can’t come to a definite conclusion as to which one of them is better than the other. It completely depends on the needs of your business. Both the versions have their pros and cons, but on the whole, after doing a quantitative and qualitative analysis one can say that Quickbooks online outweigh Quickbooks’ desktop version.

Quickbooks Desktop

Quickbooks desktop rolled out in the market way back in 1992 and has made a lot of progress since then, right now they have three different product categories under it

Quickbooks desktop pro – This version is mainly useful for small-sized businesses

Quickbooks desktop premier – This version is mainly useful for medium-sized businesses

Quickbooks desktop enterprise – This version is mainly useful for large-sized businesses

Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online came out in 2004 and right now in 2020 they have made many major changes which will be mentioned in the sections below

One major difference that can be put straight up is that QuickBooks Online can be accessed anywhere as it is cloud-based software, whereas QuickBooks desktop is installed on a computer or a laptop and data can be accessed only through that particular gadget.

Cost structure

Let’s start off with the pricing of QuickBooks online and QuickBooks desktop

Quickbooks desktop has a license pricing model.

As of February 2020

Pro falls at a price of $299.95/year

Premier falls at a price of $499.95/year

Enterprise falls at a price of $970.40/year

Quickbooks online has a SaaS pricing model

As of February 2020, the pricing of Quickbooks online pricing is as follows

The self-employed model priced at $7/month

The Simple model priced at $12/month

The Essential priced at $20/month

The Plus priced at $35/month

The Advanced $75/month

Learning Curve and ease of use

The Quickbooks desktop has a steep learning curve. It is much easier to learn and use the Quickbooks online version when compared to the Quickbooks desktop. To learn Quickbooks online one doesn’t need to be an accountant, it can be learned by any business owner.

Quickbooks Invoicing

When we talk about Invoicing, the design or User interface of the invoice report, it is very easy to understand which even a person who is not tech-savvy or a person with not a deep understanding of financial reports can understand.

Whereas the Quickbooks desktop has an old traditional invoice template which is also quite tough to customize.

Other than customizations the Quickbooks online has better automation available

Some of them are –

· Tracking of invoices which will help you see if the client has received the invoice, paid the invoice or not.

· You will have the ability to send invoice reminders to the customers.

· Online payments can also be made by the customers on the client portal.

Financial reports

In terms of reports, Quickbooks desktop is a bit ahead compared to the online version.

Quickbooks desktop has three models as mentioned before, QuickBooks desktop pro offers 130 reports whereas Quickbooks premier and enterprise have 150+ industry-specific reports. So basically you will be getting more number of reports which will provide better insight.

On the other hand, we have Quickbooks online which offers up to 80 reports which actually depends on the type of plan that you choose out of the three plans that they provide.

Customer Support

In terms of customer support both the accounting software don’t perform very well. This particular aspect is where both the versions of Quickbooks fall below the expectations of the customers. Intuit has been working on making the customer service better but still there have been issues with the wait time. The wait times are long and this is a major problem that needs to be resolved.

Some more Important differences

Data security

The Quickbooks desktop is something that is locally handled so the security part is completely on the user and is actually a bit safer as no one else can have access over it whereas in case of Quickbooks online the security is taken care of by Intuit as it is cloud-based.

Software Updates

Quickbook online offers software updates in real-time which will be available to the users as and when they are released and it also provides bug fixes, whereas in the case of Quickbooks desktop you need to wait until the new version is out in the market and there is an additional amount that needs to be paid for it.

Mobile apps

Quickbooks Online provides mobile apps on the iOS and Android operating systems which can be accessed anywhere, anytime but that is not the case with Quickbooks Desktop.

Features and Optimizations

Feature-wise Quickbooks desktop has got some features that are not so effective in Quickbooks online, for example – to manage job costing and large amounts of inventory which is a very important feature for businesses like retail stores, Quickbooks desktop is a better solution.

When it comes to automization, Quickbooks online holds a better stand, business owners can manage their accounts quickly and efficiently. All the debit or credit card data will be synced in real-time.


The present scenario is such that most of the people are making a transition from desktop to online version whereas the people who are using desktop version are using it because their business needs and the features of desktop version strike well and the other set of people are the ones who have been using it since a long time and don’t want to change the way they operate, it’s mostly the people who are not so tech-savvy.

If you want to know more about Quickbooks online versions watch this –

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Trends Of Digitalisation In The HVAC Industry

Technology has changed the pace of every business, and it doesn’t matter which industry you belong to. The new generation of Customers is getting advanced with time. “Time is Money”, It is a world where everything is done in a few clicks.

The Traditional way of doing business is history now. The process is changed. Everything is automated and the focus has shifted to higher recurring revenue with increased loyal customers.

For HVAC Contractors, there is a big difference between Digitization and Automated Digitization.

Contractors who have already adopted technology into their process has experienced the following biggest benefits in a very short period.
1) Transparency in day-to-day operations
2) Right Business Metrics at all the time
3) Higher customer satisfaction
4) Increased sales and productivity
5) Secured Financial Information 
6) Efficient in Customer Engagement 

Automated digitization has reshaped the HVAC business in recent years. As per the studies, demand for HVAC has increased by 6.8% annually in 2019 about a total of $20.4 billion. Mobile Solutions have played a bigger role in this growth.

Now contractors are getting smarter and doesn’t matter if it’s a small or mid-sized business, residential or commercial, someone starting the business from zero is able to experience a very quick growth at the initial stage with the help of few powerful features like in-build Call Integration, Smart Scheduler, CRM, Accounting Integration, Automated Maintenance Agreements, Inventory Management, Picture Price Book, multiple Payment Integration options, etc. 

This industry-specific mobile software is available at very reasonable prices in the market. However, every single one is different from the other due to its limitations and specifications.

Only the United States is expecting revenue growth of around $60 billion in the coming 12 months. Climate changes are forcing the contractors to have a robust solution and manage all the existing customers from a single touch-point ensuring high-quality services, and long-term relationships and it is possible only through a Smart Application accessible to all the members within the business on real-time.

Contractors still carrying out the business manually, are facing stiff competition on various levels and losing customers gradually within a short period due to poor operational stats and lack of data available to them.

Example- Nokia’s legacy in the Global phone market came to an end due to the following reasons-
1) Ignored the Market

2) Overlooked the threats from Competition

3) Choose to stick with the same old platform 


4) Lack of Innovation and Adaptability
As a result, Apple and Google are the legends now for continuously being Innovative and creative in their technology.

Learning — HVAC contractor has to evolve and adopt automated digitization not just to get a competitive advantage in the market, but also to maintain the revenue curve higher during non-seasonal periods.


The development of the Internet of things (IoT) technology, cloud computing, big data solutions, wireless and network solutions are replacing traditional solutions. Data analytics, and big data solution have become popular with the introduction of smart Solutions and digitization of HVAC systems.

This data can be used for future operational decisions. Data analytics is helping HVAC owners save energy consumption and money which are mostly invested in purchasing unnecessary equipment or replacing outdated equipment.

With the help of these tools, the office staff knows who be the right technician to perform a specific task, and what has been the customer’s service history. As a result, the technician is equipped with the right information before reaching the job site.

The HVAC owner, on the other hand, is having a complete watch on both the office and field team on a single screen and can make quick changes that are updated in real-time to everyone.

The days of paper invoices and forms are over. These Mobile Solutions enabling the techs to create estimates, invoices, and any other form in just clicks by making the office-workers job a lot easier. Instant payment integration has kept the cash flow coming in on an everyday basis.

Through digitized solutions, the owner is now able to identify the Market knowing exactly how much revenue sourced by various job types, locations, etc. through data analysis. Also, it helps discover which marketing campaigns are yielding revenue and which types of services are being sold the most.

The HVAC owners are staying connected with the customers through intuitive and real-time engagement touchpoints by sending pre-job and post-job greetings and alerts. Letting customers know when their technician is dispatched and arrival time. Sending them emails or texts with attachments to their invoice and collect feedback before the tech leaves the site to ensure a high-quality experience.

It provides the technicians with access to a complete history of past records, and an opportunity to increase conversion of quotes, do invoices and collect payments, much faster. Also, allowing the in-house team to convert more calls into booked jobs and increase the average job ticket size by allowing the field techs to sell more estimates and equipment in the field.

On the field, this has been a great relief as now it is much easier to collect comprehensive information about the problem using custom forms & checklist. They are able to collect open-ended data or dynamic drop-downs to the customers a list of options to choose from. Even trigger techs to automatically fill this out in different parts of the job cycle, making sure the techs collect every information.

It allows business contractors to import and upload their own price-book which is on excel, or in any other format and easily implement any updates on pricing across the board for the entire company account. It is much easier now to build estimates and email those out to the customers to track and get converted to a full-blown job.

Out in the field, techs browse the price book, any descriptions, product information, and easily build beautiful, and optimal estimates that convert much faster. It’s much easier to set up recurring membership services through digital platforms and searching through service agreement files for scheduling prepaid visits becomes a breeze. Prior notification for renewal as it can set up the contracts to automatically renew and convert additional opportunities through recommendations from the past equipment health.

Technicians can easily log in their travel time, clock-in, clock-out and break intervals for each job while on live which later sync back to their payroll in seconds. With the help of digital signatures, techs can collect payments on the jobs as soon as the job completes. Whether capturing cheques or credit cards, making it as easy as capturing them using the camera and keeping the office notified with open balances on invoices.

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How To Grow Your HVAC business

The HVAC industry has seen exponential growth in the last decade. The global HVAC market evaluation stood at 138 billion dollars and it is expected to cross 207 billion dollars by 2022.

The companies in the HVAC segment are facing heavy competition. To sustain in this competition and grow the business, business owners need to stand out. Let’s look at some of the tactics that the HVAC service industries need to adopt

The right technology and equipment

What would happen to a warrior going to a battlefield without enough battle gear or right kind of gear? well, that was an analogy to make you understand the importance of equipping the technician with the right kind of technological knowledge. You need to be up to date with the industry trends and that can be done by attending seminars, HVAC meetups, conference related to HVAC service industry and when we start talking about technology implementation it is not just the technology in HVAC systems but also CRM software ( Customer relationship management software ) or HVAC software that plays quite an important role in streamlining the workflow of all the operations right from scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, tracking the technicians. It increases operational efficiency and it is going to be beneficial especially in the peak seasons where the requirement for HVAC services is high, scheduling and tracking becomes a tedious task without HVAC software. You got to invest smartly to get it right.

“Forget about your competitors, just focus on your customers”

– Jack Ma (Founder, Alibaba Group

The following two aspects come into the picture when we talk about the customer experience

Quality and time
  • Quality of service that you provide to the customers is an important factor which needs to be taken into consideration when you want your customers to become repeat customers and also in maintaining a strong relationship with customers, we can also put it as brand loyalty which will build over time only if your company succeeds in hitting the right chord in terms of services. Word of mouth reviews or recommendations is a very powerful tool. You must have come across a proverb “one bad apple spoils the barrel” and negative reviews from your customers can spread like a wildfire and I am sure you don’t want to get caught in it.
  • When we talk about the customers who work during the weekdays and are available at home only on weekends, for them time is important as they want to spend quality time with their family or do some other work, they can’t afford to spend a lot of time for the technicians to complete the job. In situations when they want something to repaired or installed, they want it to be done quickly and as soon as possible. Now keeping such kinds of customers in mind, scheduling your technicians smartly based on their skills and also the number of requests and demand is important. This is something that you need to understand and manage efficiently for better and smoother functioning. HVAC software or HVAC dispatching software will help out in making things much more easier in these aspects.
Marketing the company

Marketing is one of the pillars in growing the HVAC business

  • The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is having a strong online presence, gone are those days of traditional offline marketing, everything is getting digitized and people are looking out for all kinds of service, products online. People are becoming more aware and as they have a plethora of options in front of them, they do proper research and think twice before making a decision. A strong website that is optimized for search so that it comes on top of the search results, must have the right content which is straight to the point and it must be mobile-friendly. When we talk about Search engine optimization (SEO), a blog is a necessity on the website, blog is the thing that makes the website dynamic and brings traffic to your website. Writing out useful content will surely bring visitors on the website which over time will facilitate in building the trust of the customer.
  • As there are many local HVAC service industries with a website there would be a tough competition among these HVAC companies to rank on top of the google search engine results and hence it becomes important on understanding how to convert the visitors to the website into customers which basically is about conversion rate, this needs to be optimized by using the right CTAs ( call to actions) and placing them at right spots.
  • Make the best use of social media platforms, local businesses can create a bond with the customers which can be developed by posting valuable content consistently. Research about your competitor’s online presence so that you don’t end up posting similar kinds of content. There are many detailed social media strategies explained in detail, you can check these sites –Social Media Important Tool for Small Business and18 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros.

The points mentioned above were about marketing your company organically, without any investment which will bring out results for sure but it is a time taking process and if you are looking out for quick results, you got to spend some bucks. You need to start advertising online.

Advertising on the right channel consistently especially during the times when there is a peak demand will give returns but choosing the right channel and right mode is crucial. Advertisements can be text ads, email ads, display ads or video ads. Deciding which would give the best return on investment is a crucial decision that you got to make.

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