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Diamond Heating – Customer Success Story

“ Diamond Heating & Cooling Services has provided valuable services to the businesses and families of the Piedmont Triad for over a decade.”

Derien, the owner of Diamond Heating, felt the need to improve the quality of his life and since then, Derien has been on a mission to help others like him by providing them the best service in the field of HVAC appliances around Piedmont Triad. Derien, being a technician himself, gained a lot of knowledge about HVAC appliances over the years and he then decided to do something about it.

Diamond heating started in 2008 with Derien being the only visionary, but as the business grew over time it started getting tough for Derien to keep up with the pace and scale up the business, all worked out well in the field but the tough work began at the office in the evening where he used to do all the paperwork, billing invoices, it took him several hours before he could finally complete his work and get back to his home. Every day he had to perform these tasks repetitively. This was taking a toll on his work-life balance and on the whole, was having an impact on his customer service as he was physically and mentally drained out so he hired 2 partners who helped him with both on-field jobs and the paperwork. From 2008-2015 their business grew at an exponential rate because of the quality they offer. In the year 2015, Derien got married and with that, his life changed for the good. He also acknowledged the fact that he needs to find a balance between his life and work, not only for himself but for the quality of service he assured his customers

In 2015, after getting married Derien realized the importance of work-life balance and was finding it quite difficult to spend quality time with his family as he was tied up to his work and he needed to work out a viable solution to this problem. He knew something could be done about this but neither was he aware of the solution to this problem at that point in time nor could he do something about it on his own. The process needed a change. This is when Derien’s Mentor advised him about Customer Relation Management software (CRM) and this is when Derien came to know about Smartserv. The reason Derien chose Smartserv was that it guided him on how to solve his issue instead of focusing on just selling the software. He could clearly make out the difference when he had a demo with other CRM software, during the demos he could feel that he was not being valued as he was a small business owner but when he had a demo with Michael he could feel a change in the way he was explaining things. He was not talking a salesman and trying to push it down his throat. He was not being pushy about it. He tried to understand my problem and explain how Smartserv could resolve his issues and make his life easy.

Derien was accustomed to paperwork and the switch from paper-based account management to fully digitized form was the scariest part for Derien, but with the constant support from the Smartserv team, Derien was able to make the switch and manage his time efficiently.

The reputation of Diamond heating has grown over the years because of the referrals from their customers, they had invested a zero amount on advertising and still were able to churn out a good revenue year on year. Derien believed that the company’s brand and the service which he wanted to provide should resonate in the minds of people and he felt the change when he once got adapted to the usage of the Smartserv platform.

Diamond Heating- Case Study Draft-3

In 2017, Derien recruited 2 more employees in order to meet the increasing demand for the service. This came up as another challenge for him as now he has to train his employees on how to use the software and still maintain the quality of his product. This is when Smartserv helped him train his employees by providing training sessions and helping them understand the software so that they can use it efficiently.

“ Smartserv created value for Derien by helping him transfer all the data from the paper directly into his QuickBooks along with that Smartserv managed his price book, scheduled appointments and empowered his technicians with technology on the field. 

– Derien ( Diamond Heating and cooling )

Derien has been a technician so he understands and knows the importance of the inputs that he gets from his technicians. He keeps asking his technician “ what would they do “, “how would they do it “ as their point of view would be different. This helps in building a sense of responsibility and trust between them and eventually the technicians carry forward the quality and value of their service to their customer.

“The Customers of Diamond heating and cooling”

In the year 2020, Derien plans on hiring more employees and increasing his business even more while keeping the quality of the work the same as it was on the first day. Derien has been using Smartserv for about 4 years now and he along with Smartserv plans on keeping the partnership of learning from each other and growing for the next upcoming years as well.

“ The ability to see all the tickets, technical details, schedule information, payment information at one place really helped me to manage my work in a better and efficient way”

Derien ( Diamond heating and cooling )
Derien believes that their customers have a " Diamond of a Day!"

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Building A Winning Culture For An HVAC Company

There are many factors that hold grave importance when it comes to building a winning culture for any business organization. Giving these parameters the due importance is going to help out the organization to sustain in the cut-throat competition and evolve in the long run.

1) Hiring the right fit

Building a winning culture begins with the right mindset, so when it comes to hiring technicians, it’s important to understand ‘why exactly they want to do this job ?’. This applies to every Business organization and when it comes to HVAC industries, the technicians who have this blue-collar job, basically don’t come from a strong academic background and this needs to be kept in mind because when the company starts to grow, a person with a negative mindset or ‘take it easy’ kind of work ethic can create a negative atmosphere.

2) Customer and employee satisfaction

Time and again people say “keeping customers first is of prime importance“ well that is going to hold water even ages later. Customer experience is what keeps the ball rolling, but it is not just the customer but even the employee having the belief in the company’s core values and working in alignment with the company’s vision is what helps in building a winning culture.

The technician must be able to feel comfortable and the way they are treated is important because the philosophy is that, happy employees or technicians tend to walk that extra mile and not just consider a job as a job, but consider it as a responsibility in offering quality services to the customers.

3) Comprehensive understanding of the business

Every technician, back-office employees all of them must be at the same page when it comes to various steps in the operations, the technology/equipment, HVAC dispatch software if they are using any, even the simplest factor as to how to talk to the customer must be taken into consideration, all these small things accumulate to play out a big role in the long run. Some of the parameters are listed below

A) Being up-to-date with industry trends.

B) Doing the industry analysis frequently.

C) Having proper knowledge about the sophisticated equipment, HVAC software that is rolling out in the market.

D) Having a knowledge of the competitor’s business strategy, their operational structure, the HVAC scheduling software if they are using any.

E) Periods, when there is going to be a high demand and low demands and planning out business strategies accordingly, is actually going to help out in increasing the operational efficiency and having clarity.

In situations where certain HVAC contractors use HVAC scheduling software being aware of all the features and knowing how to use them makes it vital for ease of operations.

4) Giving The Technicians The Sense Of Ownership

The technician should be able to feel that he is the face of the company. Every time he goes out on a job or a service, he is actually the brand ambassador of the company so right from the service aspect of the job to even the body language of the technician, the way the technician talks, all of it is going to matter in bringing up a right business culture. Technicians are one of the stakeholders in building up an HVAC industry. The technician’s way of thinking, the work ethic and their professional goals, all of these need to be understood during the hiring phase as it will make the HVAC contractor understand the technician’s long term goal and accordingly help the HVAC contractor in making the technicians understand their job responsibilities. It helps in having transparency and building a sense of responsibility among everyone.

5) Financial transparency

When it comes to business, it all boils down to numbers in the end. The profit that you are making is what matters the most.

When we talk about financial aspects, having a track of the cash flow statements, return on investments, sales comparison on a quarterly basis or yearly basis. Money that is being made on installation and services. Each of them has to be accounted individually. Discussing this out with technicians is going to help out in two critical aspects but there needs to be a limit to it, 

A) The technicians will start building trust in the owner and they are going to start giving out best in the field.

B) It also helps in making the technicians understand how they have performed in terms of financial goals which will eventually help in assessing themselves.

6) Learn, adapt and evolve.

We are going through the phase of technological evolution, each and every day new technological updates are being made. It is prevalent in all kinds of industries including the HVAC industry and to be able to compete in the cut-throat competition it is necessary to stay up to date which can be done by attending webinars, conferences, HVAC industry related meetups. There are many HVAC software or HVAC scheduling software that is coming up in the market, knowing how they will impact the businesses too is important as there are many HVAC contractors who are implementing this and to sustain in the competition, it is important to know and understand the technology that the competitors are using and what impact it is creating. The knowledge that is gained can be imparted to the technicians in an understandable manner so that everyone keeps up with state-of-the-art and is not left behind.


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

 It is true in every sense. Building a winning culture is going to take proper planning and execution at the right time. It does not end at just building the right mindset and culture and resting out. It is a continuous learning process and to stand apart from the rest, being dynamic and ready to adapt is going to play a key role in the growth of the business.

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