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Guide To Hiring In The Field Service Business

Gone are the days when we used to share hiring pamphlets for the required candidates and wait for the applicants to reach out to us. With the advancements in technology, the hiring process in the field service business has evolved over the years. As comfortable as it sounds, the challenges have not disappeared yet. Employee referral programs have been filling the gaps for a long time until they started being based on sympathy than considering the right fit for the job. The list is endless!

If you are going through the same and looking for solutions to make the best out of the available resources, you are at the right place!

The steps are divided into three parts:


#1 Recruitment Process and Hiring

Recruitment process and hiring


Check out our previous blog, where we have shared the numerous challenges that the service industry faces when it comes to hiring.

1) Technology today allows you to search and find out the best online portals for finding the right people for your business. ZipRecruiter is one of them.

2) Not just that, many portals are available that allow you to conduct a background check digitally.

3) There are more means like targeted Ads, which might be costly for some. However, they do provide efficient results in terms of the quality of candidates.

4) Referral programs could be both beneficial and unsuccessful for your business. If the employees feel sympathetic towards the other candidates, they might miss out on what is needed. But, at the same time, referral programs have an upper-hand when it comes to maintaining the organizational culture as the employee know what will fit their organization’s needs.

5) When we come to the criteria of hiring, keep communication skills among the top! The job-skills, if not at the best, could still be improved through training offered by the company. But at the time of the job, customer experience has a good percentage dedicated to the communication skills of the technician, which should not be neglected.


#2 Onboarding and Training

Onboarding and training

1) Company handbook is the first go-to material when it comes to getting a new-hire onboarded. As the new-hires usually take time to open up, give them at least 30 days to adjust to the company.

2) Make sure to have a structuåred training plan for them to follow. Make the new-hires learn, remind, and revise, and do not forget to follow up!

3) Also, as the new-hires need time to understand the culture of the company, the best advice you could give them is to promise less and do more when interacting with the customers.å

4) Make sure to get the message of growth gets across — be it personal or for the business.

5) Track your trainee’s productivity through customer comments and call-backs.


#3 Employee Retaining and Organizational Culture

Employee retention and culture

1) Keep things organized!

2) Ensure your new-hires have access to all important information.

3) Maintain a balance between work and fun.

4) Deliver your promises.

5) Ensure the little things are available as they add to the bigger-basket — an example from a guest speaker at SmartServ’s webinar — use of Ipadsor even a radio in a truck would add to the employee’s experience at work.

6) Make sure there is open communication within the company.

7) Consider instinct to eliminate toxicity; In case you feel there is a discrepancy in performance or behavior as compared to the desired standards for a long time, communicate certain expectations to the technicians, and if they are still not met, do not resist to move-on.

8) Help the new-hires to get their hands dirty with an experienced technician. For trainers — have patience and a structured plan for the new-hires.

9) As there is an age shift — from baby boomers to millennials who are more adaptive to technology, make use of web training and online courses.

10) Incentive plans help to boost employee morale.

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Hiring Challenges in Field Service Business 2020

Attracting the best talent was never a piece of cake, and the pandemic has added no help to the same. With the recent transitions in the field service industry landscape, the hiring process has become a cumbersome job. Hunting for top talent, which not only portrays a competent knack for work but carries the willingness to learn, is crucial. No matter if you’re starting with your field service business or have an age-old establishment — when it comes to recruiting service contractors, the head-scratching begins!

The hiring process has evolved over the years. Also, considering the current scenario, many service businesses have shifted the process of hiring to the online medium. It has added another set of problems and benefits as virtual hiring is a new process for many businesses. However, a few things would remain a challenge in any case.


The Recruitment Fuss!

The first step comes down to what to look for in a candidate. It covers the qualifications, skills, experience, and so on. Deciding between investing in a fresher VS on an experienced service provider could be a crucial decision. The long-serving service providers carry a good knowledge regarding the methods and techniques, but at the same time, the fresher is seen as a more adaptable service provider in terms of adjusting to the latest technology. Each decision carries its own cost for the field service business.

Secondly, we have to consider the job-posting portals as there are endless platforms where the potential candidates are available. However, it is essential to identify which platform works best for you. Also, many questions like — “Are recruitment agencies a better alternative to inbound hiring?”, “Do referral programs yield a remarkable result?” or “How to conduct relevant background checks for drink-and-drive cases?” need to be figured out.


Train To Gain!

After getting a service provider onboard, it is necessary to familiarise him/her with the company values and required knack for work. The training period needs to be defined too. Many feel that the investment made by the government in training institutes is minimal, and due to the same, the new guy at work isn’t familiar with the tasks and needs proper training to learn the basics. Also, apart from the regular training that is received by all the employees, it is essential to introduce up-skilling opportunities throughout the employee’s journey in the organization. Finding out the best certifications for your team to keep them up-to-date with the technological advancements and enhance their skill set would add to productivity and service efficiency. Thus, making relevant choices is crucial here.


Retain Your Clan!

Hiring talent is the first part. However, things don’t end there. Retaining your employees is equally important. In fact, retaining talent could be wise for you in terms of cost to the company and employee loyalty. The longer the employee stays with you, the more efficient it is for your business as — they’re familiar with your business culture; they’ve dealt with your customers; they’ve already been through the training and would return the results of your investment on them. Now, one needs to figure out certain motivating factors that would encourage the employees to stay with your field service business. These would involve incentives, team activities, the company’s culture, health care, and so on. The key is empathy, but the way to finding it requires effort. There are numerous options to offer, but finding the right need is essential as one size doesn’t fit all!

Apart from the endless challenges, it is crucial to have fresh blood in the organization as it adds to the cultural diversity and doesn’t let the team be prey to group-thinking. It adds a new perspective, along with various stories and skills! Also, as mentioned before, freshers tend to be more open to change and adjust to the latest technology comparatively well, which allows the business to prosper in dynamic conditions and be resilient.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with hiring?

To remove the question marks over your head, SmartServ brings you a webinar covering the solutions for challenges faced by the field service industry in hiring, training, and retaining service providers. Join us on November 11th at 11 am PST!

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