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Some software tends to convolute the entire customer experience, when all they should be doing is empowering reps without getting in their way.

Why switch to SmartServ
Collaboration shouldn’t happen outside your software

It slows you down, and slower responses = unhappy customers.

Most of the work done and history is stored in silos and very hard to retrieve. Whether having to drill down, search and asking peers about parts of the information, you’ve done it all. We think this should happen right within the software and yes at ease of use. Get all the context you need to solve customer issues quickly.

Make it really easy for your internal teams to work with each other within your software. Avoid delay of booking, and completing jobs by sharing ownership with all the reps involved whether they are the CSR’s or the technicians in the field.

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Learn How Day and Nite moved from ESC to SmartServ and increased their revenue by 45% in the first year of implementing.

Here's how a CRM streamlines your workflow

With SmartServ, you can track, prioritize and follow-up on jobs and estimates from one place. This will help your team deliver faster, more efficient customer service and efficiency.

Do more with SmartServ

One Click Scheduling

Our System recommends you the best match technician for any job. The more you use it, the smarter it gets.
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Automatic Notifications

The customer receives an automatic estimated time of arrival notification via text/email once a technician route.
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Better Reviews

Capture customer reviews at the point of service, in real time, and automatically push them to popular review sites
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Reporting and Analytics

Predictive analytics helps uncover sales leads. Custom reporting provides transparency into business performance.
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GPS Time Cards

Automatically generate time card based on techs GPS locations, submit time cards, get them approved and automate payroll.
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Financial Integration

Integrate your flat rate, labor, and parts pricing. Invoices and customer data have two-way sync with accounting software.
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And that’s not all
Support On the Go

Reach out to our support team who are available 24/7 – 365 days without any additional cost.

Dedicated Implementation Manager

Get a dedicated onboarding manager assigned for your account to help you move to success with SmartServ.

Track and measure what you do

Our suite of ready to use reports can be used to track key metrics and identify trends on job volume, bottlenecks, team performance and more.

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