Data-driven decisions to gear towards your business goal.

SmartServ comes with an interface to provide analytics to measure and improve individual, or team level goals. You can analyze revenue sources, take stock of operational metrics, or get a better understanding of a technician’s performance.

Avoid Delay in gathering Information

As a supervisor of your entire team, you need to ensure that you are able to identify and fix issues as quickly as possible to help your team perform better. However, a large part of your time is spent on collecting and gathering data and presenting findings from multiple platforms.

Let's gear you towards action

Your business is unique so your reporting should be too. SmartServ comes with best practice dashboards and analysis built in, so teams of any size get the metrics that help them track towards success.

Customizable Reports. Employee performance in a nutshell.

Building performance and sales driven team work better when it’s driven by data. With SmartServ, you get instant access to the customer, team, and productivity analytics that matter—and the deeper understanding of your customers and business that comes with it. And anyone can do it—you don’t need to be a data expert to get the most out of SmartServ.


Visual Data

Track opportunity converted vs missed and other important KPI's in a visual interface to help you measure success.


See which team members are bringing in the most revenue. Breakdown by production report for techs and CSR's.

Marketing ROI

Tie down Marketing and Sales channels and compare which advertisement channels are getting you the most amount of calls.

Expiring Maintenance

Our reporting software provides you lists on renewal opportunities of expiring service agreements, making it easy for your CSR's to convert.

Payroll Report

It becomes easier for your accountant to collate the payroll whether you do billable hours or technician revenue on jobs.

Project Lifecycle

Using lifecycle reports you can identify jobs taking the longest to complete or groups spending the most time waiting on other teams.

Dashboard as unique as your team

Monitor your teams easily and make data-driven decisions to hit your revenue targets with Team Dashboards.  With metrics constantly tailored to your service company style and team, you’ll know exactly where to improve to make collaborations more efficient. Finally, compare your team’s performance with historical data to spot patterns, notice overall trends and provide better insights to the teams.

Other useful features

Schedule Reports

Get specific reports regularly in your email.

Balance Reports

Collect on open balances with your customers.

Job Balance Reports

Opportunity missed vs Opportunity converted

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