Be on top of each customer appointment

Do not keep your customer waiting for the technician to arrive. With our friendly to use dispatch board and real time notification alert, increase field optimization.

Our Dispatching Software

Businesses cannot function efficiently without clearly defined processes and this holds especially true for alarm dispatchers. The workflow in SmartServ lets you define a sequential flow of actions from the start to the end of the process. A workflow can be as simple or as complex as your service dispatching processes require.

SmartServ simplifies work for your dispatchers.

Every confirmed appointment which is converted into jobs in SmartServ can be tracked. There is no more switching between multiple tools. No more missing out on follow-ups and delaying technician arrival.

Job Allocation. More Control.

Our Dispatch board was built after consulting nearly 50+ experts within the HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Industry. We understand the dispatching challenges the normal service company goes through each day. We take the guesswork out of dispatching so you can focus on taking more calls and making more money. Filter appointments based on specific properties so the most recent appointments that technicians should work on are front and center.

Notifications & Alerts

Get real-time notified on the web and mobile tool about the job, schedule & dispatch updates.

Job Status

Tech’s statuses are updated in real-time so you know if techs are idle, traveling, working, late, or finished.

Connect Field & Office

Cut down on repeat back and forth communication with the techs through a journal of job notes.

Technician Allocation

Assign a new job based on proximity to a job site or by matching job duration to an open time slot.


See where your techs are at any point in the day, their route and ETA to their next job.


Group & track technicians by department or zone and track each crew for bigger projects.

360° Map View

SmartServ provides the visibility needed to optimize dispatching technicians faster and more efficiently. Emergency jobs or schedule changes can be transmitted instantly to the assigned technician. The right technician with the right skills and experience gets the job, cutting down on costly repeat visits. With one of the most advanced – yet easy to use – dispatch systems in the industry, SmartServ has already helped hundreds of companies to be more productive and efficient.

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