Features Released on the iOS Device

Thursday, 7th April 2022

1. Service Agreement Information

Your technicians will be able to see more information about the Service Agreements associated with the job they are working on:

  1. Number of Visits left under the agreement
  2. Number of Service Agreements
  3. Name of the equipment under the Agreement
  4. Service Agreement Name

2. View Co-Tech's Name

Your technicians will be able to see the names of the other technicians who are working on the same job as them.

3. Change in Job Status

If a job is completed early, your technicians will be able to mark it complete even before the scheduled start time. 

After marking a job as complete, your techs will receive an alert and the status will change only after they confirm it.

4. Decline Timecard Notification

All the time cards declined will trigger a notification on the technician’s mobile device

5. Timecard restriction after visit is completed

Creation & modification of time cards will be restricted once the job is marked complete

6. Easy Equipment Search & Sort

Your technician will now be able to sort and search custom equipments with ease

7. Payment link on emails

There will be a default payment link attached to the invoice emails sent by the technicians.

Features Releases on the iOS & Android Devices

Thursday, 7th April 2022

1.Payment Page

Your technicians will now be able to collect payment from the field devices as well

2. Hide Estimates & Invoice Pricing

You can now hide all the pricing information from your technicians with the help of this feature. 

Note: This also restricts them to send an estimate or invoice. However they will be able to create one.

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