How To Stop Burning Cash By Choosing The Right Field Service Software

How To Stop Burning Cash By Choosing The Right Field Service Software

The uber-fast technological advancements are leaving no room for the old manual methods of operating a business. The need of the hour is to adapt to the latest or else become obsolete.

However, when it comes to home service or field service businesses, having field service management software has become a luxury — the prices are touching the sky!


Pen-and Paper Format or Field Service Management Software?

The inflated prices of field service software have forced numerous businesses to stick to the conventional means of recording; that is, pen-and-paper. However, it further induces redundant and monotonous proceedings.

The question that pops up is — with all the discrepancies, what to settle for at the end of the day?

The answer is to identify if what you’re paying for is worth it, conduct a cost-benefit analysis for the same.



How to carry out the cost-benefit analysis for your home service business?

  • The first step is to identify the desired goal and jot down the current challenges.
  • Post the same, consider all the features you might need to achieve the set goals, and eliminate the problems.
  • Once you’re done with the list, allot weight to each item as per its importance in your business. This would help you to prioritize in case of a crisis or when a choice has to be made.
  • After prioritizing, estimate the cost that you’re willing to pay for each item. Also, monetize the intangible elements for better decision-making.
  • Research on the market prices and credibility allotted to different software offerings. You may dig deeper with the numbers and forecast the costs and value of benefits in the long run.
  • Once you’ve made the plan and completed the research, you’ll have a list of software companies with their pros and cons based on figures. Now, use the previous list of your requirements with weight allotted as per importance.
  • Compare the lists and come to the closest option as per your needs.

Most software companies are burdening home service businesses by charging for numerous features that might not even be useful for every business. As businesses vary in terms of size and service, the requirements for each can’t be generalized, especially when a huge amount of investment is at stake!

Moreover, some software companies dig into the pockets of their onboard home service businesses by introducing excessive updates from time to time, with or without consent, and then ask the businesses to pay for the same.

Apart from monetary exploitation, the intangible costs for the businesses multiply with complex software features, which further acts ironically to its purpose in the first place!


The intangible costs for the company could be seen as:

  • The time consumed in understanding each feature by each user — from the owner to the technicians on the field.
  • The businesses might be forced to restructure their operation-handling process in order to adjust to the software, which would at least cost their time and efforts so that they can successfully adapt to the change(s).

To avoid burning cash and energy, consider software that offers flexibility in terms of features, and asks to pay for only what is needed. Make sure that the other necessary software/applications are integrated with your field service management software, like QuickBooks for accounting. Lack of the same might cost you extra bucks.


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