Ready to automate your maintenance agreements?

As an office manager, one of your most important tasks is to ensure that you boost repeat business and stay busy during the slow season by never forgetting to bill and service your valuable service agreement customers and enforce agreement sales when technicians are at the customer site.
How can I automate memberships with SmartServ?

SmartServ makes building and managing a thriving service agreement program a breeze. A much better way to manage, track, call, and email customers.

Easy. Affordable. No Strings Attached.

Easily manage all of your agreements customers from one location. With a dashboard showing you all of your past, tentative, scheduled and upcoming visits, life just got much easier!

Sell More

Track sales from the field. Market to non-agreement customers and sell more plumbing, electrical, and HVAC service contracts.

Prepaid Scheduling

Know at a glance which customers need maintenance visits and when. Detailed reporting on every customer is available in an instant.

Automated Reminders

Automatically remind your customers when their maintenance is due with customizable email notifications and phone calls.


You get full reporting to see how your service/maintenance agreement program is performing with up-to-the-minute reports.

Incentivize Sales

See who’s selling the most agreements with commission reports. Make it a competition to see who can sell the most.

Recurring Memberships

Create monthly, or annual maintenance agreements that never expire so the money keeps coming in—no renewals needed!
Less Hassle, More Control
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