Still using paper in the field?

Still handing out paper forms to your technicians and making it hard for your office to keep track of the paper trail? Techs often forget to get the basics right of creating a worthy customer experience for repeat business or upselling on the job. How are you holding your technicians accountable?
Ensure Better Sales & Service with SmartServ

With SmartServ’s extensive customization capabilities and field support for your technicians, allow them to increase conversion of quotes, do invoices and collect payments, much faster. Also, provide your technicians with new access to a complete history of past records

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Information at their fingertips

SmartServ Mobile syncs with the Mobile devices from your office to the field—meaning that your tech will receive all the information your CSRs have collected while booking the job from the office. This includes the Customers name, addresses, alternate & contact info, any notes and recommended estimates. Technicians can even access all of their previous historical records from the time you’ve been serving them.

SmartServ Mobile
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Leave the paperwork out

Collect comprehensive information about the problem when technicians diagnose in the field, using custom forms & checklist. You can use text fields to collect open-ended data or dynamic dropdowns to give your techs & customers a list of options to choose from. We convert your paper forms into fillable forms—and even trigger techs to automatically fill this out in different parts of the job cycle, making sure your techs collect every information.

Invoices & Quotes
SmartServ allows business contractors to import and upload their own pricebook which is on excel, or in Quickbooks and easily implement any updates on pricing across the board for the entire company account. It is much easier for your office to build customer estimates and email those out to the customer to track and get converted to a full blown job.

Out in the field, techs browse the pricebook, any descriptions, product information, and easily build beautiful, and optimal estimates that convert much faster.

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Get the complete SmartServ mobile feature list in your mailbox

The complete feature list is an excel sheet containing all of our features on the mobile and web platform and features specific to each stakeholder SmartServ has.
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Sales Insights & Recommendations

Never leave out on an opportunity. Always make your technicians offer a service agreement before closing out of the job. It’s much easier to set up recurring membership services and searching through service agreement files for scheduling prepaid visit becomes a breeze. Never forget another renewal as you can set up the contracts to automatically renew. Convert additional opportunities through recommendations from the past or equipment health.

Mobile Time Cards
Technicians can easily log in their travel time, clock-in, clock-out and break intervals for each job which later sync back to their payroll in Quickbooks Desktop or Online. Sync Timecards with distinct classes and departments, also set up tasks for which time entries are submitted so that you can track them more efficiently.
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Collect Payments in the field
With SmartServ Mobile, techs can collect payments on the jobs as soon as homeowners sign the invoice. Payment methods can be configured based on your accepted streams. Whether capturing checks or credit cards, make it as easier as capturing them using the camera and keep office updated with open balances on invoices.
MM Comfort Systems Increased Revenue by 20% with SmartServ

“It is how we schedule our techs in the field. It is how we keep track of customer info and history. How we communicate job details with our techs. It has freed up time for the office staff.”