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Here's how a CRM streamlines your workflow

With SmartServ, you can track, prioritize and follow-up on jobs and estimates from one place. This will help your team deliver faster, more efficient customer service and efficiency.

CRM suite built for growth
Job Booking Software
SmartServ provides visibility to your business to optimize dispatching technicians faster and more efficiently. Emergency jobs or schedule changes can be transmitted instantly to the assigned technician. The right technician with the right skills and experience gets the job, cutting down on costly repeat visits. With one of the most advanced – yet easy to use – dispatch systems in the industry, SmartServ has already helped hundreds of companies to be more productive and efficient.
Dispatching Software
We’re getting rid of your paperwork orders, making your entire customer base and HVAC history searchable so you can keep track of sales & maintenance jobs.

  • Simply drag-and-drop jobs on the dispatch board and track technicians in the field.
  • Communicate with field techs by adding notes and reminder tasks on the work order.
  • Filter based on groups and departments of technicians to assign the job to the right tech.
Quickbooks Integration

The days of paper invoices and forms are over. SmartServ lets your techs create estimates, invoices, and any other form straight from their app making your office-workers job a lot easier.

  • Cut down on manual data entry tasks in your Quickbooks.
  • Collect payments for your service or install jobs from the field and update in your Quickbooks.
  • Run P&L reports with accounts integrated within SmartServ
Software with Reports and Analytics

Find out who your top-performing technicians are. Know exactly how much revenue your departments are bringing in with granular detail. With SmartServ, knowing where and how to grow your business becomes second-nature.

  • Technician and CSR Leaderboard.
  • Custom Dashboard which speaks metrics.
  • Repository of reports for keeping a track of business health.
CRM Built for Growth

Discover which marketing campaigns are yielding revenue and which types of services are being sold the most.

  • Track equipment replacement and renewal opportunities.
  • Professional Estimates help convert much faster.
  • Create custom checklists, forms, service agreements, estimates and invoices from the field
Customer Management Software

Look under the hood and kick the tires of any successful business and you are sure to find one commonality – amazing customer relationships. These relationships don’t just magically happen. All aspects must be managed – efficiently and effectively. 

  • Customer Dashboard 360°.
  • Contact management for Commercial and Residential properties.
  • Customer Health Reports and repository of previous work done.
Service Agreement Software

Service agreements (aka: maintenance agreements) are the lifeblood of an HVAC business. They also add tremendous value to your business – from a resale point. This page includes forms, policies, procedures, pricing, sales and marketing techniques, presentation skills and all things related to service and maintenance agreements.

  • Prepaid Visit Scheduling and Tracking.
  • Customer Notification for renewals and scheduling prepaid maintenance.
  • Sell Contracts in the field and renew memberships through reports.
Inventory Management Software

Your success can come down to how you manage your inventory and how you utilize the information your inventory management system provides. While you can keep detailed records by hand, using software for inventory management can increase efficiency, eliminate mistakes, and even provide new marketing opportunities.

  • Parts Monitoring and Usage Reports.
  • Truck allocation and support for residential and commercial jobs.
  • Purchase Order support for ordering parts from the supplier.
Hear from our Customers!
Mr Reliable PHC photo

Mr Reliable PHC

SmartServ syncs our invoices and sales taxes to QuickBooks Online perfectly! We had trouble with the other software programs syncing our State sales taxes (we have to collect based on the location of service). SmartServ has a grasp on the challenges that we face here. Our invoices sync into QBO perfectly with SmartServ, I was having to go into QBO and edit EVERY invoice with the other programs that we tried.
Advanced Air Systems photo

Advanced Air Systems

If there is something that you need, the SmartServ Team will make it happen! We have come across a few little things that we needed to perform differently and they were more than happy to change them for us. The ease of use with the software is great and the technicians are thrilled with the look of their daily schedules now! so much easier for them to view then they were with our old software. Many benefits, easier scheduling, more thorough information on the customers, happier technicians!
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