Customer Management

CSR's should be allowed to focus on constantly improving customer experience. Instead, most of their time is spent unearthing the history of previous jobs, any aging balances, and making sure that no other CSR double books on their slot. There is too much switching between multiple tools to access parts of the information.
SmartServ simplifies work for your field and office.

SmartServ’s helps with customer and management for businesses and connect office to field workers. Our software is designed to make your job simple. Allow your CSR’s to book more calls and increase productivity.

Customer Experience. Project Management.

SmartServ’s CRM software solution lets your office and field service agents identify leads and sales opportunities. Open up fresh information to each stakeholder, letting them ask more relevant questions and give more prudent answers. A better-equipped service team will manage your customer relationships to the next level by improving workflow and the quality of your customer interactions.


All your customer's information is in one place. Everything you need lives in a single location.

Active Customers

Communication between you and your customers is relevant, personal, and efficient leading to sales.


Send job confirmation messages, dispatch and completion notifications to customers and stay connected.
Make CRM your own
Multichannel support in SmartServ CRM lets you reach people on the phone, via text message, email, and even on your website. Increase your chances of winning the customer job increasing conversion rates. With Cloud technology take your business with you everywhere, on your mobile. Export lists of customers based on recent purchases or the ones that have not used your service in a while and convert them through emails.
Contact management
When your CSR’s have a 360° view of your customers when they are on the call with them, they understand them better, and your CSR’s make the kind of decisions that create lasting relationships with them. Customers don’t have to repeat information, and reps can use historical context to quickly take conversations forward. Make quick notes on your contacts file, attachments and jobs.

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