SmarTServ Features Release

Thursday, 14th April 2022

1. Change Order Status for Invoices

We have made managing callbacks on multiple vist jobs easier. You can now mark any new invoice as Change Order, if it is a callback for any of the previous jobs performed on the same ticket.

2. Work & Break Time Calculation

We have introduced a new column of “Work Time calculation” under the Time Card Section. The Work Time Calculator will show you exactly how much time your technician spent working on the job. It will automatically remove break time from the work time.

3. Completed job notification

You will now receive a chrome notification every time your technician completes a job along with the ticket number.

4. Account Receivables Aging & Invoice Due Dates

Get Paid On Time! We have introduced an invoice due date entry on the invoice tab along with its status. This will help you see all the customers with pending payment and the date they are supposed to pay you back by.

5. Web booking automatic slot changes

In the web booking feature, once someone requests a job for a particular time slot, then that time slot will now automatically be unavailable for the next visitor.

This slot will remain unavailable until the booking request has the status of Open or Converted. In case you reject that booking then the slot will show up again.

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