Scheduling made easier and more accessible.

SmartServ’s Scheduling software allows CSR’s to choose assignment start time, finish time, or the percentage complete for individual assignments. This makes scheduling each specific task completely clear and easy to plan around.

Our Scheduling Software

Each organization with a small, medium or large field workforce faces a tremendous challenge to get the right field workers to the right job assignments, whether you’re scheduling service technicians, inspectors, emergency response workers or installers. SmartServ offers scheduling software for service technicians that guarantees the right field tech is assigned to the project, dramatically improving scheduling efficiency.

SmartServ makes it easier to assign jobs

Scheduling made easy with drag and drop dashboard on SmartServ. All jobs, estimates are available on a user-friendly dashboard and even easy to access full job details from the schedules. Push alert notification for field techs of jobs

Technician Allocation. Job Planning.

SmartServ believes in simplicity, the allocation of technicians based on his availability, and also the skills all on an easy to manage dashboard. Categorizing the jobs scheduled makes it easier for the technicians and future upselling opportunities. SmartServ makes it easy to track technician and company-wide time off’s and other events too!

Easy Scheduling

Our scheduling system helps you assign the right technician for the right job whether it’s a multi-visit or long project (based on skill and area).

Multi View

Book jobs for ahead of time and switch between different views you set up for your schedule board (day, week and month).

Call Booking Rate

Drag-and-drop job scheduling and visibility into the location, status, and history of every job allow CSR's to convert every call to an appointment.

Map View

Our scheduling software has a map display with job location and status of work assigned (accepted or declined), started, rescheduled or completed.

Mobile Support

If you usually schedule from the field or need to reschedule the current appointment for a future date, one tap of a button and you're done.

Team Management

Display availability and track time off. Easy compliance with working time rules. Manage multiple locations and department of employees.

Increase Collaboration

We believe that any service company deserves the best when it comes to delighting customers. Scheduling and booking jobs with SmartServ couldn’t be any easier. Simply drag, drop, and stay on top of every call. In fact, our customers have increased their call booking rate, while also increasing team happiness in their first 6 months of using SmartServ. It is important to have a user-friendly software that can adapt to your company’s needs.

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