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What makes a great Field Service Technician?

But where does “Smart Salesman” fit into the job description?

It may not be the first thing hiring managers look for in a new field tech, but often — and increasingly — it’s an important part of the job. Whether a technician is offering customers an upgrade to the newest line of your product, pitching them on the benefits of signing an ongoing service agreement, or up-selling a contract customer to a full-coverage deal, the guy in the van is now being looked at as a great way to drive new revenue opportunity.


When a technician is at the job site to perform an installation or repair, that is the perfect time to communicate with your customers about the advantages of service agreements. SmartServ’s mobile technology enables your technicians to sell service agreements with ease. Customers can easily view your collateral digitally, technicians don’t need to worry about stocking vehicles with pamphlets, and you don’t have to waste money printing them.


One issue that results in service agreements not being purchased is when the customer fails to return the contract. You’re at the customer’s mercy regarding whether or not it’s going to be returned and if you’re actually going to close the deal. While a customer may be super positive about purchasing a service agreement when you’re there, they can lose steam after the visit and your paper contracts can easily get lost. Eliminate this issue by closing the deal on the spot via digital contracts.

Using their tablet or smartphone, your technicians will be able to sign up new service agreement with customers right in the home or business. Customers can review the contract and ask any questions while the technician is present so they can fully understand all the benefits your business is offering through the service agreement. Digitally signed contracts will be recorded in your business’s database instantly, and a copy can be conveniently emailed to your customer for their records.


Once you have a service agreement in place, using SmartServ’s Mobile-First Software will allow you to keep track of all important information pertaining to customer and their equipment. When your technicians return for an annual visit, they’ll be able to access all previous notes about a customer via their smartphone or tablet. As your technicians perform the tune-up or system inspection, they can easily log notes right into your database. These first-hand notes can be extremely valuable when diagnosing system issues down the road.

Eliminate the issues that keep your technicians from closing service agreement contracts by incorporating SmartServ’s Mobile-First Software into your sales and service process. You’ll not only gain new customers, but you’ll simplify the maintenance and inspection process.

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Service Agreements, Do they serve a purpose?

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”- Socrates

“Molly’s Services”, a company owned by Molly was amongst the reputed family owned business in the field service industry. Molly’s company, like any other in the industry, used pen and paper methods to schedule work to its technicians. With passing time, it was starting to become cumbersome and Molly was looking forward to avert the situation at hand with a plausible solution.

Field service companies specializing in HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical services, functioned on pen and paper for a very long time until the age of technology grew its way into the same. Opportunities provided by the growing technology in this field has paved way to ensure easy manage of work and increased profits.

In accordance to the quote, Molly followed a similar ideology when it came to adopting a field service management software from pen and paper. When a company in this industry moved from pen and paper to a field service management software, it underwent a major transformation. Though the company faced difficulties in the beginning, the fact that all the information associated with it has been automated made the work load much less as opposed to pen and paper. For example, in the pen and paper method, technicians might lose their tickets at any point of time. With the software, the tickets were saved and could be accessed at any point of time.

The company acted as a beacon to educate its technicians(employees) about the software that had been adopted. Further on, once the technicians knew how to operate software, they could use it to its optimal capacity. For example, the concept of service agreements could be easily harnessed using the software. This enabled continued service being offered and increasing revenues. By adopting to a field service management software, the company made available a web of features to its customers paving a path to higher growth.

Molly made best of the opportunity that had been laid before her. At the same time, she entirely focused on how a significant change like this could help her scale up the company and make it reach greater heights and increased revenues.

Read up on the next blog post to know how SmartServ helps you increase your revenues through service agreements!

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How to gain competitive advantage through Service Agreements?

From the day they were born, Molly and Katie were inseparable. Having shared their childhood together and subsequently their schooling, they grew up to venture into a similar nature of work as well, i.e., Field Service. The only difference now was, they had separate companies/ventures. The companies provided services in the field of HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical majorly which required highly skilled technicians. Having adopted the pen-paper method initially to manage their technicians, Molly slowly moved onto adopt a field service management software for the same.
When the friends met to discuss the success of their individual ventures, Katie was surprised to find out that Molly’s company was more successful than hers. When questioned about the success, Molly went on to state that the software she had adopted was facilitating easy manage of work and allowing the company and the customers to reach upon service agreements.
The story pours an emphasis on how a service agreement helps to create stronger annuities and recurring customer revenue.
How is it beneficial for customers/homeowners?
  • By investing a reasonable amount at regular intervals (frequencies), customers are benefited as they have a long-term coverage provided/guaranteed.
  • They are proactively keeping their home safe.
How is it beneficial for the company?
  • SA’s are a way to ensure that their phones will ring for service requests → important mechanism for survival in this industry. They have reassurance that this customer will most likely come back to them for a service as they have invested money in a long-term plan of service/maintenance.

For a company to remain in business, it is important that it generates its targeted revenues from time to time. In this arena, service agreements play a major role as a contributing factor. Providing quality service as stated in the service agreement helps to increase customer satisfaction, boosts the customers retention rates and also makes ways to ensure you cross and up-sell effectively.

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How to generate business year-round for HVAC

It’s no secret that the HVAC business is season-dependent. During the hot summer, you’re backlogged through fall and during cold winters, there’s seemingly no end in sight!

But how do you know if you’re being misled by your annual revenue numbers and could be in serious trouble if you have a mild winter or cool summer? What safeguards do you have to keep your business fully operational and still bringing in the revenue?

We interviewed Bruce Davis Jr., General Manager of Day and Nite Heating & Plumbing, to figure out how his team avoids seasonality and generates year-round business. His company is consistently one of the top home energy companies in Washington state and have increased their revenue by over 50% since taking charge.

Whether you’re in HVAC, plumbing, or electrical, everyone is very busy when it’s super cold out or hot. That’s a false positive when you look at how your business is performing because you’re relying too much on the extreme weather. You have to think about ways to generate business in the “shoulder season”, to bridge the gap between your busy seasons.

“The way we’ve been able to bridge this gap is through service agreements and maintenance plans. What people don’t realize is that each service agreement or maintenance plan is worth around $650 per customer. That’s a big chunk of change! This is pulling from maintenance visits and industry averages for new equipment sales. The key is to find what works for your customer segment, what types of products you are carrying and servicing, and to build a business plan around making that successful.

Our business model is pretty simple, we offer multiple levels of maintenance plans for different types of equipment with varying levels of coverage. This presents the customers’ options to figure out what is the best plan for their own specific needs, and also lets you hone in on that customers’ buying persona.” – Bruce Davis Jr.

Don’t be afraid to innovate. This industry is a dinosaur at times and we are probably all guilty of being resistant to change. You should always be evaluating how you are doing things and looking at areas you can improve. At the end of the day, it’s all about running a successful business so always be on the lookout for great tools, resources, and technology that can help you do that.

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5 Ways to Build a Winning Culture for your Home Service Company

Company culture, by definition, is the “personality” of the company. It constitutes a variety of factors that include work environment, company mission, value, expectations, and goals.

Building a company from scratch might get easier along the way, but for the company to thrive, the culture that exists at the company is a determining factor. Living in times where the employees in the company act as individuals and work only to satisfy their own needs, a company culture is what would bring them together and increase the company’s growth.

Why is a company culture so important?

1. Increases productivity and quality of services rendered to customers.

2. Talent Retention In a company that treats its employees with high regard when ends are met before deadlines, employees develop a positive attitude towards the company. When they do, they stay loyal to the company and hence reduces human resource costs which the company might face otherwise.

3. Flexibility at work: When the company’s culture offers flexibility to its employees where they are able to manage and work in challenging situations, they are more likely to stay with the company and contribute to its improvement.

4. Boost Morale: We live in a competitive world. When a company’s culture is really good, it creates a feeling of belonging among the employees who will most likely recommend the company to other potential employees.

Now that we have a few ways for you to understand why a culture in a company plays a major role in its run, let us crack a few ways to how one can build a winning culture!

1. Inculcate the company’s values and visions among the employees.
2. Adopt transparency.
3. Establish flexible working hours.
4. Treat “Culture” as the most critical part of the company.
5. Reinforce the importance of saying “Thank You” from time to time. 

Picture – Team @ Day and Nite Plumbing & Heating

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