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Intercross fire protection

Chandler, Arizona, United States

“I have been blessed to be able to work on specialty fire equipment and systems that have allowed me to become very knowledgeable in my field.”

-Shawn Diggory

Shawn Diggory

Owner of Intercross fire protection specializing in fire pump

"I mean everything can be improved, just trying to make sure that everything works as seamlessly as possible. So it's like one program vs trying to work with two programs. But the part of the report is one of the biggest parts, as long as we can do what we did on Mhelpdesk like scheduling, tracking, and if you guys can do these things without leaving anything out like billing and invoice, that would be great!”

The Overview - Intercross fire protection

For more than two decades, the founder, Shawn, worked in the fire protection industry. He used his expertise to build a family-owned business called Intercross fire protection. He enjoys how this industry keeps racing with innovation and technology. Shawn, whose expertise is in fire detection, has earned multiple certifications from the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). These include certifications in both fire alarm panels and sprinkler systems. He has been factory-trained on both flame detection and foam systems by the manufacturer of these systems and so do his technicians.

The Problems

Escalating costs and issues with the fire protection software proposed a problem for the company, which was doing well otherwise. Their current fire protection software started showing signs of trouble after three years in operation. The team quickly discovered that the system had major functionality issues. First, they couldn’t assign more than one technician to a job. Second, they had to import and export data manually. Third, they had issues with QuickBooks integration. Fourth, high credit card processing fees. And last but not the least, they had to manually update the forms and checklists through spreadsheets and paper notes.

They had to juggle between 3 different tools to manage their entire operations. Mhelpdesk allowed them to schedule and track technicians, as well as keep track of their job times. Invoicing clients and tracking income were made possible by the program Quickbooks. Excel, for documenting inspection reports and proposals. Finally, an in-house bookkeeper looked over technicians’ timesheets, which were transferred to Mhelpdesk manually.

It was time-consuming that the company had to use many different tools and resources only to increase their manual efforts. It means there are multiple places for information to get lost, and it leaves technicians, the back-office, and the owner itself feeling like the productivity is lacking.

The Solutions

Nothing slows you down when you use more than one tool to manage everything at once. Shawn needed an all-in-one, reasonably priced, and effective software for his company that could manage their entire operations, from scheduling to accounting. It had to be simple and it had to work across all of their devices.

A custom solution is great, having it automated takes it to a whole new level. We made sure to offer both. With a dedicated team of developers, engineers and designers we decided to streamline every step of the process. Our mission was simple- for the technicians and admin at Intercross Fire Protection to use SmartServ without any limitations.
Here is how we helped Shawn:

Inspection Forms, Reports & Certificates

We have in-built more than 18-20 kinds of different NFPA forms into the system so that Shawn and his team can access a variety of them as per their convenience. We previously received requests for many unique forms from our customers which we prepared keeping in mind the clients we would have in future. One can edit these existing forms right in the field and make changes to suit your needs.

Once you open an existing ticket on SmartServ, you will see multiple options related to job details, invoicing, history, and checklists that will help fill your reports and forms query. These forms are so handy that you can even edit and share them live from the field. If you want to customize the template of the form, it’s possible with us. So all they had to do was give us a template of the form they wanted to design and it’s done.

SmartServ offers tailored reports created to meet your specific needs. We can provide you with custom reports, emailed to you on your preferred schedule—yearly, monthly, weekly, or even daily!

Unassigned Jobs

With the unassigned section, they could temporarily block the job and assign it to a technician when their schedule opens up. All they need to do is drag their names from the scheduler board and drop it in front of their names. Plus, their technicians would also get an instant notification on your mobile devices or iPads with the date, day, time, and all the other details.

Adding Multiple Technicians On A Single Job

We’ve made it easier to assign multiple technicians to a single job. When you create a ticket, you’ll be able to give all the necessary details—like start time and end time—in one place. Also, there’s no limit to how many technicians can be assigned to your job. In other words, get as many as your heart desires, no more holdups! You’ll get a confirmation screen once you’re done, along with your technicians’ receiving an instant notification on a new job assigned to them on their cell phones.

High Credit Card Processing Fee

We are partnered with Quickbooks, and one of the features is that we use Fattmerchant for processing payments. Fattmerchant charges 2-2.1% instead of a lot of other merchant accounts that charge 3-3.1%. This means you get to keep 2-2.1% more of your revenue in your pocket!

The Timeline

The Results

It’s understandable how hard it gets for a company, no matter big or small, to learn a new tool, give it up and re-learn another one. However, the industry we are a part of and the domains we deal in, you cannot let your business grow and software age. It’s crucial for it to remain up-to-date, efficient, and seamless as and when any updates are introduced.

Companies that rely on in-person customer interactions can’t afford to spend most of their time at their desks. We know that with SmartServ, you’ll be able to focus your time and energy on what you do best. It will help you to organize your business from the back office and in the field. Our motto was to get them onto the platform and make it so familiar that they never worry about making a switch, ever again.

When Shawn and his team started using the software, they had a hard time getting used to how it worked and were slow to start using it.

Data Scrubbing, Migration from Mhelpdesk & Quickbooks Integration

It all started when we were initially tasked with migrating all of their information to our software. Upon our initial examination of this data, we discovered that it was not only disorganized but also incomplete. We simply couldn’t leave them in such a state, so we elected to do a deeper analysis and get to its roots.

To ensure accuracy with their customer information, we spent one week making sure their customer information in Mhelpdesk matched up with the customer information in QuickBooks.

Their customer information was scattered with either missing fields or no information at all. For example- some customers had addresses listed in the wrong section or no address listed at all. Some customers had no name and a missing service location as well. Our data team, and developers, helped us in fixing these complex issues.

For constant touch, we could not close the loop of communication with Shawn at all. We had a total of 2 zoom calls for 30 minutes each, exchanged multiple emails back and forth in addition to our weekly check-ins.

However, after one month of rigorous and multiple training, they now use it heavily for scheduling, ticketing, estimating, using forms & checklists, and note-taking on the field.

Digitized Excel Spreadsheets To Reusable PDF Forms

We knew why Intercross fire protection was looking for upgraded software. It was because they wanted to get rid of excel spreadsheets to manage their whole NFPA checklists and forms.

But as promised, we gave them an idea that could help them out of their stressful situation.

We converted their spreadsheet into a PDF form so they no longer have to re-enter all the information every time. Once you create and customize a form as per your requirements, you can reuse it in the future as a template whenever required. And in case it’s the same customer you might have paid a visit to, basic details like name, address, service location, etc repopulates without you having to manually enter the details.

Customized Inspection Reports

We also help our clients create customized business intelligence reports. Shawn was no exception. On the first of every month, he receives a thorough inspection report from our side via email. There’s no additional work required on his part or his team’s—all at no additional cost. It’s easier now for him to keep track of more information and understand what’s going on with his business and technicians. This is something that seemed like a drag when he was using Mhelpdesk.

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