Scratching your Head over Recruitment?
Attracting the best talent was never a piece of cake, and the pandemic has added no help to the same.

With the recent transitions in the service industry landscape, the recruitment process has become a cumbersome job.

No matter if you are starting with your service business or have an age-old establishment, when it comes to recruiting service contractors, the head-scratching begins!

Endless questions regarding where to find the top talent, locating job-posting platforms, training, retention, and so on take away the mental peace and focus from other priority tasks. Have you struggled with the same?

Jump on board to gain insights from industry experts at SmartServ’s webinar: How to transform your service business by recruiting and training the best!

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Our Speakers
Arnav Anand
CEO, Co-founder at SmartServ
Arnav leads a team of entrepreneurs and engineers dedicated to providing service contractors with cutting-edge tools for streamlining operations. Before starting SmartServ, Arnav has been connected to the service industry to understand the market. Being a business owner himself, he realizes the importance of one of the most crucial resources of any business – its people.
Guest Speaker
Don Jones
Owner at Controlled Hydronics
Don entered the service industry with his one-man-army business in 1994 and has not stopped since the day. Carrying years of customer trust in the field service industry, Controlled Hydronics stands out when it comes to providing service. Don recognizes the nerves of the HVAC industry and knows what necessary skills would keep the same competent.
Guest Speaker
Bruce Davis Jr.
Owner at Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating
Growing up around tools and technicians has allowed Bruce to carry a sense of the HVAC industry beyond his listed work years. His family business, Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating Inc., has been defining integrity and innovation since 1954. He believes in providing quality service, and thus, it is critical to choose the right people for the job. 
What You'll Learn?

Finding Top Talent

What channels to explore for acquiring talent? What is the best job-posting platform? (Referral Programs, Social Media, Colleges, Training institutes, Recruitment Agencies) Are recruitment agencies a better alternative to the direct hiring process?

Check for Knack

What to look for when hiring a service contractor? Does experience hold an upper hand over newbies? Find out how experienced contractors, as well as freshers, could be helpful for your business!

Train to Gain

How to ensure your employees are industry-ready/up-to-date with the industry requirements? Explore what certifications can help your employees to stay handy.

Retention Tips

Can incentives induce motivation and employee retainment? Is retaining as essential as recruiting new talent? Find what would work best for your business when it comes to keeping your employees and building loyalty.

Managing the Culture

How fresh blood in the organization plays an important role? How to keep work spirits high and build internal trust? Find out how your organizational values are maintained over generations of employees.

Modern Hiring System

How has the hiring process evolved over the years? How to hire talent in the "new normal"? Figure out with the help of experts how you can keep up with the dynamic hiring process!
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